Error message?

Not sure what is happening and I’m very technologically inept so I figured I’d write here and see if the community has any wisdom to share.

For the past week or so, I’ve been getting this error message while doing reviews:

If I refresh a few times I can get back to the review page and do the reviews as normal for a couple of minutes until it shows up again.

I’m not sure of the cause, I haven’t had any other issues with accessing websites, it’s just WK. Any ideas?

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Probably best to tag @Viet on this

One of your scripts is hitting the API rate limit. And not handling the error correctly. I suggest turning each script off one at a time to see which is a cultprit.

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What scripts are you running? If anyone else has seen this in the last month or so, it would be helpful to also post the scripts you’re using. Then maybe the community can figure out what script or scripts are making too many requests.

Thank you! I disabled a bunch of scripts and it seems like the error is gone now. I’ll try enabling them one at a time to try to figure out which one caused the issue.

The problem is that one script could make way too many requests and then another could happen to hit the limit.

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Didn’t consider thar… Anyway here are the scripts I’m using (gosh, I feel like I’m using way too many now…) 03

@viet You’d probably significantly cut down on API requests by finally changing the 42+ to use the real number of lessons and reviews. I have no idea if the Real Numbers script is causing the API limit to be reached, but it’s certainly not helping.


Was having this error before and made a post about it; didn’t get around to following up on it, but here is my list of scripts. I did a mass deactivation and have been slowly reactivating as I need scripts. The ones that are currently enabled aren’t causing any problems. I also wasn’t using scripts 3, 14, or 16 prior to problems coming up.

Good point. They don’t even have to change the dashboard visibly. Simply leaving the “42+” but adding the real number to the tooltip (hover text) would be enough to reduce the use of the Real Numbers script.

I’d rather them just display it normally though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, but that’s not gonna happen.

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