Inspiration for you slow durtles

hey guys,

throughout WK I’ve been doing 3-9 lessons a day. I do this because there was a point where I felt really uncomfortable around level 8. Idk why but I just wasn’t remembering the kanji for that level well at all. Vocab wasn’t much of an issue and I don’t think radicals are that hard for most people, but the kanji was killing me.

I resolved that I’d go slow so that it never happened again and I could enjoy my slow but steady wanikani experience.

That’s all well and good. At the end of the day it’s not a race unless you’re jrspierera (unsure of spelling).

Anyway recently I decided maybe I should take on more workload and see how I handle it. Normally I get around 80% accuracy rate. Somehow, despite taking on more lessons than ever before, I just scored a 92% on 100 flash cards, and I did them FAST. My progress bars on each item are nearly identical and it feels so good.

For those of you going slow… Maybe TRY going fast for a bit! It could… help… oddly enough. Idk if I’ll stay at this speed, but if I don’t, I’ll definitely be doing “surges” of lessons every now and then cause this is great progress. I just hit lvl 12 and I’m almost done it already.

Maybe this new found superpower will allow me to correctly answer my biggest leech… “annually”


for annually, i use " we did something this YEAR so what are we gonna do NEXT ? " kind of question.




Your accuracy has increased because you’ve got more immediate short term items in your queue, whereas before your review queue probably consisted mostly of late guru-enlightened items, which are more difficult for obvious reasons. At least that’s been my experience and the experience of coaching my friends who were also going VERY slowly


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