My new tankobon/bunkobon haul

Not sure yet where I’ll start. Probably a parallel reading of 指定席 and 東京喰種.

Anyways I’m always so excited when I receive a shipment from Kinokuniya. I just had to share.



What are the light brown and blue one about? The covers look really intriguing!

Not that it’s the most important thing in the world, but isn’t it tankobon/bunkobon (as in 本 with rendaku)


Yeah those ones really caught my eye too

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There are samples of them here for the blue one and same website, different page for the brown one. Couldn’t tell you what they’re about since I just found them with a quick Google search though lol

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I honestly might want to pick one of these up! It looks like they’re a collection of short few page stories thanks for sharing :blush:

Exactly. They’re part of a series called 5分後に意外な結末(ごふんごにいがいなけつまつ) or “a surprise ending in five minutes”. Basically, a collection of short stories around ten pages long, where each story has a surprise ending of some sort. They’re not always really great stories, but they expose the reader to a bunch of different settings and story types. I like them because they’re just about at my level. Although I should probably call them “a surprise ending in a half hour” given that I still need to use a dictionary for a full understanding.

Be careful though, because one of your links was for the 5後に意外な結末 series, which would be something like “a surprise ending in 5 seconds”. These stories are only a couple of pages long, and just don’t seem as interesting or useful for learning Japanese to me.

The Intermediate book club read one of the “five minutes” series books here.

Ah, yes, thanks. I keep making that error.

Also thought I’d mention that it was a video post of yours here that first lead me to the 意外な結末 series a few years ago. :slight_smile:


I think I might try out one of the 5 second versions as a way of easing (struggling) into reading something a bit more text dense than manga. I’m for sure not ready for an intermediate book, but it might be fun to try and get through a story every few days! I hope you enjoy your new books!

Perhaps, but… that’s what the blue book is.

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No, just kidding. I have a bunch of the 5分 series and one other 5秒 and I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I don’t think the 5秒 are completely useless, just not nearly as good as the 5分. If someone was only going to get one, I’d suggest 5分.

The yellow book in the top left in my photo is part of the 5分後に思わず涙 series, my first. Doesn’t quite sound like it’ll be my cup of tea, but it will be fun and interesting to check out something new.

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