My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

To be honest, I haven’t found a perfect routine/plan/resources myself that I can confidently recommend to others. Since you do climbing, I assume a routine more focused on grip improvement would be your priority? :slight_smile: You could maybe search for grip exercises on youtube and see what makes more sense to you.

I also found this exhaustive list of resources for climbers:

@Naphthalene might be able to add something of value :v:

I assume that since climbing might imply more grip endurance, hanging on pullup bars (and actual pull ups) might be something cool to do.


I have an off season 7 week training routine that I adapted from the World wide webs.
I’ll try to find the original back tonight.

(Somehow I didn’t see the notification for your message. Weird :thinking:)

Edit: @AtomicMiso
So this is the website I mostly use:
And that’s the guide I’ve been following on and off: (It gets pretty hardcore though)


Thanks Napthalene, looks great. I’ll try this out. Be ready in the spring to take some nice whippers! :stuck_out_tongue: Where do you climb?

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Outside, do you mean? That would be mostly 御岳 (mitake). I’ve been to 三峰 (mitsumine) a couple of times, but it’s too far from Tokyo (where I live).
That being said, I mostly climb inside, since I don’t really have time to go outside (takes at least half a day)

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After the latest update, does anyone know how this affects fast levels? Which level are fast levels now?

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@burgerlands2 did it for us. I asked Koichi to confirm, and they told me it seemed to be correct. I’ll add this new info to the Guide today or tomorrow :v:


Maybe thread derailing but following a new year resolution I joined an app based fitness service (with levels and experience points to track progress) to help me overcome my overweight and natural laziness towards any physical activity.

They say Socrates once said

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

It somehow gives me motivation

Maybe someday I can be fit and handsome as you :heart_eyes:

@Naphthalene you train climbing? wow, can you be more perfect?


Handsome :white_check_mark:
Fit :soon:


I like that quote so much I’m so stealing it for like… forever.

Exercise is the same bs as Wanikani. First make it into a routine, then make it into perfection (i.e. Make sure you make it into a habit and then worry about improving the quality of that routine).

I wish you all the best mate :heart: Really do. I’m also upping my game on 2019 fitness-wise, so let’s push each other :point_up:? :grin:


Easily. I’d like to be doing much better at work, and spend more time with my family, AND not sacrifice any Japanese/ Rock climbing time. And more. If I was perfect, I would not need to compromise.


The gurus I follow on the internet tell me self-awareness is a good thing :wink:


@Ninkastmin @jprspereira @Naphthalene


I’m trying to up my fitness game a bit as well! Mostly in trying to get up and move around the office more often during the day, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Yay for all of us helping each other with these goals! :heart:


Great! More fast levels are ahead :tada::tada: Can finish WK faster (hopefully) :rofl:


If you can handle the fast levels, you will beat me :scream::rofl:

When 368 days is no longer special…


I’d love to do so. But how?

I’m the big fat guy there hugging you guys :wink:


Have you thought about opening a thread here on the forums about your story and journey to weight loss? Like, every day you write a little report about the whole experience you’re going through.

I’ve thought of doing one of mine because I know people would appreciate it… but I wanna get 1 thing going first before focusing on improving my fitness routine. So far, what I’m doing is bringing results, so.


I’m just not that kind of guy, haha, full shame

Totally following yours though

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Haha, just a suggestion xD Since I know you feel safe here. If anything, it could be here. But no pressure of course :3

Meh, give me 2 weeks xD


Like what you said earlier in this thread, I’ll test my limits.
I wonder if I can finish WK in less than a year or not. :roll_eyes:

Well, since I just leveled up to a fast level, let the challenge begin! :joy:

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@jprspereira I just remembered the #MessageMe challenge, and I think it has been roughly one month since I first read your guide. First of all, thanks for all the effort you put into this! I’m impressed by your dedication and by what comes across as a very genuine, likeable, and helpful personality.

So what was the #1 that helped me?
I’d say it was a mix of your point 2 and 3: Training my abilities to recall, not just to recognise, and doing more than just kanji. Using KameSame for vocabulary makes it stick much better, and it improves my active vocabulary, too. I want to be able to express myself without looking up everything or constantly ‘translating back’ in my head. I’m also doing a Japanese class at university (that’s my main reason for starting WK) and dabbling in BunPro. That way I will eventually gain the grammar and conversation skills to put all those kanji to use - otherwise, I would feel like someone who knows all the road signs by heart, but can’t drive a car. which I really can’t, by the way :flushed: But I’m aware I still have a loooong way to go…

Anything else I found useful?
The scripts, of course! Override saved me from so many typos and tired-2AM-oversights. I love pitch info because I can’t always clearly figure out a word’s pitch just by listening. There are a few scripts that made my dashboard much clearer - now I know how many lessons and reviews I really have, and which kanji I still need to guru for my current level. That gives me a weirdly soothing kind of certainty :sweat_smile:

Anything that didn’t help me at all?
Well, that one’s on me because I decided to read a guide by someone who made it to level 60 in an incredibly impressive timespan… And I want to emphasise that it’s a complicated personal issue and not anyone’s fault. But unfortunately, those talks about optimisation and speed that are widespread on the forums just make me feel really pressured and trigger my perfectionist/self-deprecative tendencies, especially when they sound like everyone could do it, and failure to do so springs from making lazy excuses… If I forced myself, I could probably optimise my levelling speed and review intervals, at least during semester breaks, but that would come at the price of my physical and mental health. Thus, I’m really glad you included comments like this:

So I’ll remind myself that it doesn’t constitute a personal failure to be a :turtle: on here. Or a :durtle:. At some point in the future, I will arrive at my destination!

Honorary mention?
I’ve bookmarked many of your ‘threads you should know’ for later use. I’m sure they will come in handy at some point. Oh, and thanks to that one person in that one thread (I don’t remember who or where exactly :sweat_smile:) who mentioned the audio autoplay for lessons… I had totally forgotten it exists, but it’s so useful!

Thanks again for putting so much work into your guide, and thanks to all the other helpful people on here!

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