My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

It’s not a requirement to visit 100 days. It’s a requirement to visit 50% of those days. What happened was that prouleau visited at least 50 days (86 by what you said) and achieved all the other requirements during that time.

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days

I guess that’s it.


Ah, that explains it. It’s not your last hundred days, but the last 100 days in general.

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I just wanna take a moment to say “thank you for creating this guide” (and with “take a moment” I mean “write half a book”. Sorry in advance for the wall of text, but once I start rambling it’s hard for me to stop).

I discovered WaniKani about 2 Years ago. There is no special story behind me wanting to learn Japanese, it’s pretty much the most cliché motivation ever. I watch anime and read mangas. Well, it’s not just that I guess, I am also interested in the country Japan, it’s culture, it’s people, it’s history and ofc. in learning another language altogether (Trust me, I am not that big of a weeb… I think…). And not just another language, but also a language that is so entirely different from what I am used to.

I grew up in Germany and learned French and English in school, but none of those are really that distinct from my native tongue. It’s (mostly) the same letters, similar rules, they sound similar, etc… Japanese is just so unlike anything western, with multiple “alphabets” to learn (hiragana, katakana, kanji), very different grammar rules all while sounding entirely different as well.

When I first started using Wanikani, I was very surprised by how fast I was able to learn new vocabulary (as probably everyone here was in the beginning). On top of that, everything is made with so much love, there are puns everywhere (which is like the best thing ever) and you even get a personalized little postcard explaining what you will achieve during the first 20 levels, all with a little Japanese text you’ll be able to read once you hit level 10. I was captivated by everything right away. I started learning, motivated as hell, without reading any guides or community posts. I was able to reach ~lvl 10 until it became just too much. I couldn’t keep up with my reviews anymore, Abitur was approaching fast (German sort of school finals) which led me to reset my account and ultimately give up on the whole thing.

Now, 2 years after all that, I wanna give it another try. This time, I know what I am getting into. This time, I did my research, installed some scripts (some of which are so crazy like holy), and am ready to strive for that sweet 60. Your Guide really helps a lot. Not just in understanding how the system works, but also in preparing for a structured learning process. When I first used Wanikani back then, I just did my lessons and reviews as I found some free time, often even during class or while sitting in the bus/train (which may be okay for doing reviews, but for new lessons, those are certainly the wrong environments). This time, I am actually gonna have proper preparation with a proper schedule, all thanks to your guide.

Of course, I haven’t really started yet, and I have to admit that my life still isn’t as sorted out as I wish it to be. I am sure I will reach those days where I wanna give up again, where life just doesn’t wanna play along, but this time, at least I hope, I’ll remember why I started doing this and be strong-willed enough to carry on.

Should all this work out, and if I don’t forget about it, I’ll post here again in about a month from now (following your “1-month-later challenge”). Until then, thank you for creating this guide, you’re really helping out a lot! ^^



All good, no worries :stuck_out_tongue: I like hearing other people’s stories and experiences.

A good trick to when we’re struggling to start something/go back to something, it’s to make it so easy that you can’t simply cannot do it. For example, if you’re struggling to deal with your pile of reviews, just do 10. Make it your goal of just doing 10… because starting is half the struggle so once you do start, you’ll be able to get into it and tackle much more reviews than just 10. Same with lessons: struggling to start with lessons? Just do 5. Heck, you can even just do 3 if you want. That initial boost will help you fully get back to track :slight_smile:

I won’t forget, so I’ll be waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you were able to get good info from it! Wish you all the best for this comeback :grin:


I am a bit late, but still remembered the whole “1-month-later” thing, so here I am again.

Thank you for your reply and advice by the way, I would have replied again but I actually just read it today. For some reason, I didn’t get a notification or e-mail (even though I didn’t turn it off as far as I know).

Anyways, it’s been a little over a month now, I reached level 6 yesterday and am still going strong. I mentioned it in my first post here, but your guide actually helps a lot, and I started to notice that even more as I kept doing my lessons and reviews.

The thing helping me the most, that I didn’t do when I first started with Wanikani a few years ago, is having an actual schedule. Knowing how the system works and being able to use it to its utmost efficiency feels great. With the 12-hour-rule in mind, I usually start my day off with lessons (only lessons in the morning, no reviews), to then do my reviews 4-5 hours later, and then do another review session in the evening right before I go to bed. That actually works pretty well, at least usually. Last week I had some trouble with that because I managed to mess up my sleeping schedule quite a bit (no uni and no work are a dangerous combination for someone with little self-control :sweat_smile: ) so I had to improvise a bit. But even then, I could just follow the rule. Just do the lessons 12-13 hours before you wanna go to bed. For me, that usually means doing them at ~9 AM, in fact, I just did them before writing this.

As for the volume of lessons I do each day, I usually go for ~20 new lessons every day. I don’t wanna rush WK, but I also don’t wanna take years to finish, especially having in mind that my journey to learning Japanese won’t just end with Level 60, one might argue that’s when it just begins. My goal, for now, is reaching level 60 within 2 Years. Currently, I am taking roughly 10 days for every level, so with that pace, I should easily be able to make it. 20 Lessons a day is also pretty doable. I know, that I am just level 6, and that the workload will still increase quite a bit, so if it gets too much I of course will slow down a bit. I wanna finish in 2 years, but I’ll still prioritize finishing at all without pushing myself so hard I’ll eventually quit. Atm, I am doing around 100-150 reviews every day, which is still pretty manageable. As long as I don’t have to do more than 150 reviews per session I should be fine. Reviews are actually quite easy, fun even. Of course, you’ll always have some vocab and kanji you seem to forget again and again, but apart from those the SRS really seems to work wonders.

All the scripts I’ve installed are amazing as well. Most of them are just little gimmicks that offer cool stats or info, but some of them actually help a lot with studying, like the self-study script for example. I usually go over the new stuff I’ve just learned in a lesson just to make sure I actually got everything, so having a script for that is really useful. I am also using Flaming Durtles on my phone now, instead of the other (more “official”?) WK app I used to use back in the day.

I am still very motivated and excited for the later levels. I am also excited to be able to start getting into Japanese reading and grammar once I have enough basic vocab/kanji knowledge. So yeah, maybe I’ll do a post about my progress at a later point in time here again, but for now, I can only repeat myself. Thank you for making that guide and still being so active around here.



Hey, thanks for writing such a detailed post :grin: It’s interesting to hear how you’re approaching everything :slight_smile:

10 days/level will take you 1.5 years to reach level 60, which is significantly better than your goal! ^^ Usually for a 2 year goal, doing around 10 lessons a day will get you there. So you still have a leeway to reduce lessons a bit if you feel overwhelmed at any moment. Remember that consistency is key. Sometimes it’s better to reduce the load if that will make you more consistent with Wanikani.

Any plans on how you’ll approach both reading and grammar? For reading, I’d definitely suggest the book clubs here on the forums. These days, there’s so many book clubs around and the it’s easier to find something of one’s taste, and the help that 先輩 leads to tremendous improvement. I admir that I should participate on them myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for this guide. <3 It really helped me better understanding the SRS system and get started on implementing userscripts. I’ll surely come back to it when I’m reaching later levels.


Hey, thanks for leaving such a lovely message! :slight_smile: Glad things are working out for you. Looking forward to see your progress :grin:

@jprspereira Please note that the two Olympians threads are separate: one is for 2020 and the other for 2021 after the rescheduling. I noticed you removed the older one even though its silver medal deadline (Dec. 31, 2020) hasn’t passed yet.


I got the older one removed because I think new users will feel better joining a challenge just starting, over one that will end in +/- 3 months. It’s also better to guide the users to this new challenge to help gaining momentum between the next WK generation (imo).


Guess it’s my time to #MessageYou :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for the lovely guide and sharing your thoughts about some of the aspects learning kanji with wanikani.

Especially the analysis about maintaining a wanikani schedule and different implications that go with it helped me establishing an enjoyable and healthy way to use the app during the last couple of weeks.

At the beginning I thought I’d like to spread out the review sessions during the day but then realized I’d have to be online constantly as well. Having a schedule though helps me to minimize the time spending on wanikani having more time to spend on other aspects of the language and still keep the studies in balance with rest of my life.

How about you? Been to Japan (or still there)? How is the postcard writing going?

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Hey, thank you for leaving a post :grin: I’m very glad that the guide is allowing you to figure things out and better organize your study routine :slight_smile: I feel that trying to understand how to study takes a big part of the energy available, so knowing that I’m helping people by reducing that load feels great :grin: Let me know if there’s anything still unclear!

Haven’t been to Japan, nor do I have plans to in the short/mid-term. My plans changed a little bit, started dating @FlamySerpent, so the priority has been Russia :slight_smile: Covid doesn’t help with travelling either, so other plans have taken priority. But once the opportunities arises, I’ll be taking it for sure! I love Japan and I still forward to visit the country! :grin:

I also haven’t chatted with natives that much these past 2 years :sweat_smile:. I’ll be soon working on that tho :slight_smile: I don’t have that much time to expand my social life (since I’m already well invested on that), but I’ll be trying to regularly make posts on Hellotalk in Japanese. Hopefully I’ll get some engagement from Japanese people there :grin:


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve started and I’d just like to thank you for this great guide. I’m currently at level 6 and here’s to many more levels! #MessageMe


Thanks. It’s a good place to come back from time to time.

How lovely :slight_smile: …and it seems she has a lvl 60 thread as well…

Yes unfortunately current situation makes it very difficult to travel and actually meet with close ones. Luckily we have modern ways for communication. Good luck with your engagement on hellotalk :four_leaf_clover:

@Wooogles: welcome to the community :slight_smile:


@jprspereira I just came back after 2 years. The first time I read your awesome guide is around December 2018, 6 months after you posted it the first time. I pushed rather hard, reach level 20+, then drop it. I hoped wanikani have the customize as anki, when we can skip the known kanji and not learn from beginning each time we drop. Now I came back and I will active mostly on this forum, and on your guide. I’m self-employed, so I have the potential to use your guide to push hard and reach 30+ ( first motivation ) in the best time. Thanks for give many users such inspiration,
My Plan:

  • I will use wanikani at the same time with genki on italki tutor

  • After finish genki II, I switch to tobira

  • Along with wanikani and text book, I watch j-drama from beginning, then combine with books when I reached late N4

hope you’re well from COVID, see you soon !

I will post here and join 1monthchallenge#

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and, I must install by myself the reorder ultimate 2 by rfindley
why don’t you included that in the post. It take me a while to find the script again

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I know this is old but I love this so much


I can see that you’re level 8 by now :grin: Going smoothly! :muscle: I’m glad that the guide helped you figuring things out and I look forward to see you going through those lessons :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums.

I might have beaten Wanikani but she did it to grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: Look forward to engage with you more often on the forums and hope that everything goes smoothly with your studies ^^

Hiiiii, I remember you! :smiley:

Careful with not burning out. I know you succeeded last time by going through 20+ levels at a pretty good speed, but remember that consistency is King :slight_smile: Your study plan sounds lovely. Work on integrating it in your daily routine and that will lead you to success. Best of luck my friend!

I’ve added Lesson Filter and Prioritize Overdue Reviews to substitute the reorder ultimate 2 script because I think that the later is easier to abuse, either in terms of skipping lessons and ordering reviews by level for example. This latter can be very harmful in one’s learning because if you have 2 similar kanji that you can’t distinguish and you know that one of them is closer in level to those items you’ve been reviewing, it will spoil you the answer. This is just an example on how that script can be harmful, so I opted to give those 2 that will satisfy pretty much all needs of the users :slight_smile:


I visit this every day to get myself motivated. ~
You’re so cool. Thanks for sharing your story. :3

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Hey, glad my journey has made you motivated on a daily basis, appreciate the love :heart: Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. :slight_smile: