My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

Thank you so much for coming back :grin:

Perfect way of thinking. You’re going places my friend :sunglasses::+1:

It really depends on your style of learning (more active vs more passive). Do you want to be more independent and do thing your own way, or do you want to find a more strict program where you just follow along?

Because I would suggest you Bunpro for grammar, if you’re more into the active style of learning. I’d recommend you a textbook if you wanna follow a program, stick to it, and reach the goal. If you can do both, please do both ^^

One thing that not a lot of people might agree with me is that I feel like textbooks are in no way complete. You will always have to search somewhere else for more info. Even in those expensive ones. I do feel that you should look into the links that Bunpro suggests first. You’ll soon realize that it bases its suggestions on a couple of websites all the time. Those serve as a good substitute for a textbook, sometimes far more complete.

What’s your level of Japanese btw? Have you checked the Book Clubs on the forums? :grin: Reading something with other learners might help you get out of that “learning paralysis” :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry that I’ve taken this long to reply back. Really do. Appreciate you coming back here :slight_smile:

Huuuum… yeah, sounds fun but a little too messy for me to handle. We’ll see :grin: Thank you for the info!