My 3rd party app request

Hi all,

This is my request/feeling the waters from the levels 60s out there. I have a feeling after I reach level 60, I’m going to want a script that does an SRS based on the amount of time it takes to answer a question successfully. That way, if I don’t have instant recall of the word, I keep reviewing it until I do. Obviously, things you get wrong would be filtered even further to the front in a similar fashion.

As you can see, I am currently at level… not 60… so I don’t have a use for it at the moment. However, I think it would be a good way to help with recall. I also think it’d be fun to have speed running leaderboards as well. Say categories for every 10 level block of reviews (so you’d have to do about 1500 review straight) and maybe a block for the crazy people who want to do speed run all 60 levels (probably allowing breaks?).

I’ll probably end up making this happen after I reach level 60 if the API allows for it, but I’d also love if someone else would do all the hard work for me :-).


I think that by the time you reach level 60 you will no longer want this. Once an item is burned it gets reinforced by seeing it in the wild. In other words you consume native content and the items you see get solidified. The items you don’t see in the wild are useless and need not be studied. Once you get able to do this you will no longer want to study burned items with a separate SRS.


i can only agree with this. at this stage you are gonna be reading more and more and reinforcing your vocabulary, even with the occasional lookup.

I think @prouleau put it best.

I’ve found recall is much faster while reading anyway because you have context to give you clues.

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I’ve had similar thoughts myself. I suspect that a leaderboard might be counterproductive as it could be disheartening for people who are competitive but struggling (or just not doing as well as the top 10 or whatever). But for person bests, it could be good!

Perhaps if you achieve a specified time, you could qualify for some kind of “official” WaniKani diploma!

That’d be cool if WaniKani integrated it directly, but that seems unlikely. Before that, I’d love in WaniKani introduced an “unlocked” mode after reaching level 60, where you can edit the level of any of your burned items to be whatever you want.