Most common onyomi

Many kanji seem to have the same onyomi. For example こう is very popular, and I always go for that if I can’t think of the reading.

Do any of you have any statistics for the frequencies of onyomi?

On that note, I know that some radicals often lend their onyomi to the kanji, and even started to spot one or two (I think). Is there any resource that gives reading hints attached to certain radicals?

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Basically this:

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That’s really great! And delighted the script works on firefox in Android

I reused the WK styles, so it should work as good as WK itself… You can install scripts on android?

If you look at the second reply here you’ll see some of the statistics you want, of what seems to be the Joyo Kanji list, ショウ is the most common reading, 77 characters have it, コウ is the second most common.


Yes but you have to use the firefox browser

Perfect! I guess 70ish out of 2000 means it was a bit of an exageration for me to feel like every other reading is こう

Finally some reason to use Firefox again … are you using Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/???
Are there ad-blocker extensions? :slight_smile:

I would say part of it is that it’s probably Kanji in more common words, so you see them more often.

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I am using tampermonkey. I use forefox exxluseively for wanikani, so not sure about ad-blockers.

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