More weird review issues

yup, this has been happening to me constantly for the last 2 or 3 days!

Yeah, got the same item now 3 times in a row. Its getting really annoying

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same here today, out of 55 reviews, around 20 I got the same vocab again.

also, lightning mode was off, I had to turn it on and activate show answer immediately ‘after incorrect’ answer.

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I have this, too: I got thesame review twice in a row, although my answer was correct, and a review with a false answer did not come back again.

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I use the double check tampermonkey script and this happens to me only when I click on “Wrong Answer” it pops up twice later on.

In the other thread concerning this issue, it is suggested to use the Double-Check script instead of the Override script. This seems to work for me (as far as I can tell after a very short review session). Thanks @bunbuny and @rfindley!

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I turned off scripts one by one. As for now it was Katakana Madness. I’ll try more testing

Okay first off I had issues with lessons not reviews, just went to forums and clicked first that had “issues” in its title lol.
My problem was, anything I would type get marked as incorrect even when it’s not. Now it’s ok as I turned off Katakana Madness.

the same thing happened to me, tried disabling tampermonkey, reinstalling the scripts, logging out and back in … nothing helped, plus i have a large batch of reviews to do, so it’s extremely annoying and taking forever :tired_face:

Happened to me last night.

I believe its from the Override script, but I am not sure. Has anyone else managed to find a solution?

And if not, what other script do you suggest switching to?

I agree, it seems to be only an issues with the override script. I think someone else mentioned another script that works in this thread.

I believe its the Double Check. That’s really bad I liked the simplicity of Override! I will wait a couple more days just in case we see a fix else I will change I guess.

The author of Override has left WK.

double check not working anymore right?

I will stick to flaming durtles for a while. I hope it gets fixed.

I’m pretty sure that isn’t actually a bug.

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having no problems on firefox with doublecheck+violentmonkey

I use tampermonkey, maybe this other script manager is the solution for me

Okay so I did my reviews today and this hasn’t occurred at all despite using Override to “fix” some of my mistakes. Is it fixed for anyone else or? I will check again tomorrow.

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From what I’ve read, this was a Wanikani issue, and it’s been fixed. See [here].

There were also some other Wanikani changes related to FontAwesome icons (things like ‘settings’ gear icons, for example) that affected a number of scripts. If you are using them, please update Open Framework, Double-Check, Self-Study Quiz, and Ultimate Timeline.

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