More Blurry Kanji Recognition Help Please

I can’t wait until I can intuit the right answer just by seeing the approximate shape and density (as I can with lots of roman alphabet letters).

I’m stumped by this one, and the blurry furigana doesn’t help one bit:

If anyone thinks they know, that would be lovely. I can make out the winter radical top right, but that’s about it.

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Conveniently, it’s got the reading next to it.


Side note, in questions like this, context invariably helps.


Where are you getting these blurry pictures from anyway?

They’re from electronic versions of manga (I know manga’s not the best way to practice Japanese because it’s not reflective of how people speak in real life, but it’s a bit more fun, the sentences are short, the pictures help me guess, and it’s not all about arriving and leaving the workplace or school :wink:

So the characters aren’t computer-generated (any more) and can’t simply be extracted and enlarged, they’re just pixels on a page of art.

Thanks so much!

It’s got the reading for you … for me, it has grey squiggle that looks like a slanting box (I would have guessed か if forced to pick one!), grey squiggle that sort of looks like た, and squiggle that looks like an upside down V. So they didn’t help me much :wink:

You must be reading somewhat old manga because more recent manga tends to have high quality scans. I’ve seen some older scans like this though, and they can be frustratingly bad quality.

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Well, the 馬 radical on the bottom half kinda stands out too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got an actual physical copy of Shonen Jump with kanji like this.

The furigana is less blurry, fortunately. :slightly_smiling_face:


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