[Request] Past review counter /timeline

Hi there,

we’ve got several timelines and counters for future reviews (thanks @rfindley), but I don’t think I’ve seen a counter that shows you how many reviews/lessons you cleared in the past. I think that would be super useful in order to see the efforts you’ve done and visualise your workload and how it increases as you progress. If you could see the number of reviews you cleared in the past 24h, the past week and the past months for example, and have a chart that shows you this in a graphic way that would be perfect. You can then set goals for the number of reviews you plan to clear in a day or in a week as well.

I kind of feel like I’m always doing reviews but I always see that neverending timeline showing me what I need to do in the future but I never really get to see how much efforts I’ve done to get to my current level. I love looking at the stats for that reason, but it gives over sort of useful details. For people who love looking at their stats that could be a huge motivator.

While this doesn’t show the number of reviews…
Maybe you haven’t heard of rfindley’s work on the Stats site at idigtech: wkstats
It will show the amount of time spent on levels, you can gauge some of your progress like that.
Does that help?
(Sorry if you know about the site already - I do realize this doesn’t cover 80% or more of what you’re asking for…)

Yep, that’s the stats I referred to in the message but that doesn’t show reviews done unfortunately. The stat site is so useful though, I’m a bit obsessed by the stats :wink:

I missed the “the” in your initial post…

I read it as “I love looking at stats”.
Sorry. Tired eyes. Long day. 3am here. I have to get up in less than 6 hours. Oops.

Well, good luck!

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Is this what you’re asking for?

Thanks for sharing, didn’t see that message but it’s a good start and means it’s definitely possible to do. I will start using it see if it serves my purpose.