Mnemonics based on connecting meaning

Kinda my first topic, but let’s go. Didn’t know how to phrase the title better.

I’m enjoying the WK experience so far, since about the beginning of the year.
But, is there any reason for mnemonics on WK to not relate on stuff you already learned, meaningwise?
Most I saw iirc are things like “You remember the reading of xxる? Luckily it’s the same, etc. etc.”.

But I for myself really like making up mnemonics or rather connections between similar sounding Kanji instead of memorizing the bazillionth story about a certain person.
For example, for Kanji with main reading こう, instead of connecting it to Koichi, I try to find a connection to 公 or 好 or 行 or 工 or … I think there is plenty if those … which I internalized already.
The more fitting and less “mind-bending” the better.
Most recent example is probably 周り, where instead of remembering whatever hints are written there, I just link it to 回り, because… well I think I don’t need an explanation.
I didn’t dive deep into it, but I guess they’re related in a similar way anyway?

So far the only vocabs using something similar were 着ける and 付ける iirc, which I learned on my current Lvl I think.
Is there any explanation for not using those interconnections more often or do they appear more often in the “lategame”?