Different Mnemonic Identifiers

Was wondering if anyone else finds different mnemonics for kana to the ones suggested in WK? An example for me is 五 (looks like Fi for five). There are a few others so far too, but wondering if others do the same? I know this could cause problems further down the road when trying to remember vocab.

i’d say this is nigh-universal. some of the mnemonics are hits, some are misses, which is which can vary between people. whatever helps you remember! there’s even a little space on each item to write your own note.


Yeah have been using it!

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I would say I deviated little from the radicals, but the kanji and vocal I largely have done by myself. I do appreciate the mnemonics given, as they can be a good jumping off point in case I have doubts. But not really needed, especially at my level.


How did you find it with the later kanji and vocabs? Was it easy linking your kanji mnemonics to vocab lessons?

Kanji? Yeah same old same old there. I basically used the given radicals names, maybe a few extra radicals and kanji that are part of other kanji here and there, but mostly the given name radicals and made the menomics. Often I would at least read the given prompt, which would give me a ideas as to arrange the radicals.

Vocal is tricky. I basically had to make mnemonics with the readings and rely on the reading mostly for support. Stuff like 比例 I had to use the reading (ひれい) by saying the heat (ひ) is really hitting Rei (れい) (a character from a visual novel I played) as he sits in class doing the golden ratio. Or such like jazz.

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