Do you also connect your mnemonics?

The only way I have found that I can memorize well the pronounciation for the different readings is to connect both together. For example, for 強 if I connect the idea of a person going to Kyoto to buy a bow and then stopping for a yoghurt on the store in front. Otherwise I will always seem to forget one of the readings. I was curious to know if most people also did this or if you tend to think of the readings separately with unconnected examples for each (when Wanikani itself does not connect the readings of course).


Ha. Yes. I absolutely connect all my stories for the kanji readings. :slight_smile: I will tie it into the radical mnemonic too if the kanji happens to be the same as the radical.

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And I have to add, my yoghurt store happens to be similarly located: next door to the strong bow store in Kyoto. :smiley: . I can usually work the WK mnemonics together, but occasionally I ditch them for my own to keep them connected. I also wonder how many more folk do this, or if many ppl are happy with them unrelated…

Yup. Same here. Recently I’ve ditched so many of the WK mnemonics in favour of my own, so that I can have a clearly visible story in my mind. And then I combine the stories, to link the radicals and kanji.
The visible part is extremely important to me, cause if I can’t see the stories visually, they don’t stick.
Also I always keep the actors of the stories consistent to represent specific readings, like sheep for し, Jesus for じ, etc. Which means I have a whole lot of sheep in my mind all the time :smiley:

So I’ve taken a lot of the actors and props, for my stories, from WK, but I make new stories instead of the WK mnemonics.


Hi WalterMeiren, yep sounds fairly similar to what I do. :slight_smile: I like having only one scenario in mind when I see a kanji, not two completely unrelated ones. All the best with your studies! You too Aifos! Not sure if that answers your question as to how many people tie their readings together (a poll perhaps would help there if you’re really keen to know more) but at least there are a few of us. :smiley:

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