Mnemonics in use

I’m fairly new to WK and I have a question to higher level students, who are actually using the mnemonics.

I try to use mnemonics for every kanji. I find that for some I cannot recall the story, but the meaning of the kanji/reading pops up in my mind instead. For other kanji the story sticks more and I remember key points to the story.

How does it look like for you after longer time has passed? Does the mnemonic that you had learnt fade away, or is it supposed to still be there and maybe I just didn’t focus hard enough while learning?


They fade away usually around the third or fourth time I review the item and I just start identifying it without the intermediate mnemonic step. Occasionally, for a burn one I haven’t seen in a long time, if I can’t remember it on sight, then I can force myself to remember the mnemonic and step my way to the answer.

Tell you what though, I was using KaniWani to reverse quiz me, giving me the English and trying to write the kanji, and the mnemonics were way more necessary for that.


I experienced this a lot at first too, and still do. I tend to come up with my own bizarre mnemonic if at all possible that relates to both the meaning and reading, because sometimes the mnemonics given aren’t quite connected enough for me. Other times I definitely need to rely on the mnemonic they give you because my brain just can’t come up with one. Either way I eventually get it, and I’ve noticed it’s been easier as I’ve gotten a little higher!

I haven’t burned any items yet, but usually by the time I’m encountering things 5 levels below me I don’t need the mnemonic anymore. For example,(りょく) = Power. I had used the mnemonic that a “Roku” device requires power. Now every time I see (りょく) I can remember both the on’yomi and kun’yomi readings they have taught:りょく& ちから

I am not much further along than you, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how the mnemonics are transitioning into just remembering things as time goes by!

Hope this is some help! :slight_smile:


That’s what I would occasionally do as well.

I think theoretically the mnemonics are there for getting from A (learning a kanji) to B (instantly recalling the meaning and reading) faster than just hammering the meaning + reading through sheer repetition, but as I understand, they’re not meant to be remembered for longer. Whether one can recall the entire mnemonic story or parts of it is a different matter.