Mnemonic improvement suggestions

図 has two readings, ず and と. The reading mnemonic is that you found a mammoth by following the diagram, and you put it in a zoo.

…but I keep remembering it as ま (for mammoth) and ず!

Maybe change it to him finding an ancient “tortoise” instead of a mammoth to get rid of the mammoth bit?

Are there any other improved mnemonics you’ve found?

EDIT 茶 is made from flower, hat, and angel radicals, but the reading is about a guy named Chad. I think it works better if you cook the flowers in the hat to make tea, but the hat gets “charred” from the flames.

EDIT 生える means “to grow.” I think it fits better if as something grows, it grows to greater heights (は)


直行 = nonstop

There is a chocolate in sweden called “Nonstop”

I was struggling with it before, but now it’s associated with “ちょっこう” (Sounds like choco)


I think it’s safe to assume the reading is ず. Yes, it’s と in 図書館, stuff related to 図書 and maybe 意図的, but that will come with vocab.

I’m actually surprised you didn’t remember it as ずう, because the う in “zoo” is of the longer variety.

My approach to this is: diagram = ず. No mammoths were hurt in the process :wink: .

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