Mnemonic for radical meaning 9

Hi, brand-new user here. I’ve just started today and wanted to ask about the story for the radical meaning 9.

English is not my mother tongue, so the one offered “looks like NI which is the beginning of NINE” , doesn’t really work for me and visual cues work better for me.

the radical 九 look to me like someone kneeling in prayer, so the mnemonic I came up with is:

“man kneeling in prayer pressing down NINE fingers”.

Does it add too much detail in your opinion? Is it a good idea to come up with my own stuff so soon?


Sometimes WK’s mnemonics won’t work for you and you can think of a better one for yourself, in the end it’s about whatever helps you remember — never too soon for a mnemonic that works ^^


Often times, the mnemonics you come up with yourself work better than the ones that are given anyway. So starting so soon is a good thing, if you ask me!


As long as when you see 九 ,a man kneeling, you think of nine.

For me, I can see how 九 looks like written ni, especially in cursive

Not at all! If you can think of one, that is great! I only have a handful that I made on my own. It’s hard to make up one unless it just comes to me. There are some that just won’t work. Like the vocabulary for Stop( 止) is pronounced(し). So I had to come up with my own that had to do with Thomas the Tank Engine of all things. Most of them do work though, but if they don’t, don’t fret! Seems like you’ve already got good ways to help yourself remember stuff and you’re on your way!

Thanks for the feedback. 'Till next time

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