Mental block

Nine - Enclosure - Power. Why do I get those wrong nearly every single time?? I’m usually good with stuff like this and I am having a real road block with these three. Any suggestions?

I have still not yet burned, and failed 丸 the radical so many times. So it happens.


Stare at Nine and Power side by side, and really focus on the differences.

Here: 九 力

For enclosure, feel free to give it a synonym that’s easier for you (you mean the radical, right?). What does it look like to you? Make it that.


Imagine a man meditating. His power always comes from inside him. That’s why the leg in 力 (power) does the same. If you get this, you’ll know that 九 is nine (what’s left).


Don’t worry, stuff like that happens all the time with everyone. The best way I find to distinguish things is to put them next to each other and to try to come up with mnemonics for remembering what makes each one different. Don’t stress yourself if your mind fails you, it’s completely human :grinning:

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九 is a fruit basket. It holds nine apples.


That’s cute. Did you make or find that?

I had the mnemonic in my mind already, so I just made it on MS Paint right now. I had trouble with this in the beginning too.

It’s only going to get much, much, much, much worse. Be constantly aware of what you get wrong and put them side by side and compare and contrast. That’s what I do.

Huh, until you pointed it out it never occurred to me that they look the same. I keep getting 給 and 統 mixed up though. You’ll get it eventually, just don’t give up.

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It just makes me wonder what the other number and fruit combinations (and mnemonics to go along with them) would be. Like, for a study book, almost like a kid’s book. I thought you might’ve made it, because of the bit of white cutting into the kanji. If you have others… maybe it’d make a fun and cute thread.

I don’t really, I only had this one because it looks so much like 力 and 丸. I would definitely support a thread for visual mnemonics for similar kanji though.

I never seem to have a problem with Power and Nine. The flexing muscle inwards (like doing a dum-bell) stuck in my mind…

However they are other stuff… Im keep screwing up the Kanji and Vocab reading :frowning: Annoying… Then i do stuff like e.g. the radical for fins i put down eight and the radical for spoon i put seven…

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八 is a mountain, but not a very tall one.


七 kind of looks like 7 upside down.


Work is so slow today.

That’s a nice visual mnemonic.
I pictured 九 as writing “nine” in cursive, so the hook is where you start writing the “i”.

Thanks. I was getting the radical spoon confused with seven - guess the slash doesn’t go all the way through. I will need to remember the higher right stroke overhand for 8 - hopefully that should stick.

Also to original poster - if WaniKani mnemonic/story or whatever is not working you might want to see if you can find a story that sticks, or make one up yourself. There’s not going to be a definitive source - as it has to impact or relate to yourself.

I hope im not breaking the rules (couldn’t see anything)- but check out some other resources to get an story or idea to create your own story KanjiDamage and Koohii (this one has user submitted stories. It was made for RTK and has that order, but you can also search using the browse feature)

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I have never “seen” the spoon in the spoon radical. Has anyone?

There are no rules against recommending other resources. In fact, there’s an entire thread dedicated to that, check it out.

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Thank you. The spoon radical is in the radical 1 to 10 – come to think about it, I don’t know why im getting it confused with 7… It looks more like the katakana ヒ… Strange it never occurred to me until now. Where kuchi clicked with ro and ta clicked with evening. I should remember now.