Minna no Nihongo help - likely an easy question

I’m working on chapter 1, page 12. What am I supposed to do with problem one? I listened to the CD but it’s not clear what I’m supposed to write. Am I answering as Mike Miller? I’m so confused. I’m also a bit lost on problem 3 where you write the x’s and o’s. What am I doing there? True false of what?
Thanks in advance!

The first question in the 問題(もんだい) section is asking you personally to answer the questions it asks you. The (れい) (example) question for 1. 1) is asking you if you are a teacher. The example response says “no, I am not a teacher,” but if you were one, you would probably answer differently! There isn’t one right answer for these sections, but the questions are pretty simple, so the answers are very basic. There is a transcription of all of the questions in the back of the book, as well as example answers for all the questions.

For the X’s and O’s, they are true or false, yes! It will give you a clip of dialogue, then afterward, the voice will state something about what happened in the dialogue, and you have to indicate whether what the voice said was true (O) or false (X). There are transcriptions of the audio in the back (along with the answers) if you get confused or have trouble following what was said.

The audio questions are generally the hardest questions in the book, in my opinion, haha, but they’re good practice, and my listening comprehension has improved a lot!

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Thank you so much! I’m really liking the book but things like that trip me up :slight_smile:

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