How do you recommend working through Minna No Nihongo?

I wanna start working through MNN but I am just wondering how to work through it properly any ideas or how do you do it?

I use it right now.
First of all find a grammar notes copy, it will help a lot if you are self-studying.
Second, get yourself an audio (you can find it in web), listen through the whole lesson. Most of the tasks are covered by audio. It is quite fast though, so listening can be quite challenging.
I also have a disctionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, so if I encounter a grammar point in either Minna or grammar notes, I double check it in the dictionary, so I get a good grasp on the topic.
Reading book and worbook are nice, but not mandatory. It will be good if you get them, though.
Other way, there is nothing to add. It is quite a classical textbook for studying in class.

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hey thanks are you able to talk about this on a call in discord? my tag is ShoVA#4335

While the Discord call is a good idea, I’m sure the main points of your discussion would be of interest to others, myself included, so please do share after you’re done :grin:.

fair enough, I didn’t think about it from that perspective i (personally) do have a way of studying it but i am very intimidated by the book.

What I am planning on doing is when i get to a new lesson what i am going to do is start paying for since in the past I made a deck with all the vocab in it so i don’t have to make one (again) myself what i will do is start learning lesson 1 and start reviewing the vocab in the first day and read the passage then look at the grammar points in the translation book then do question A. Day 2 I will listen to the passage for that area and see if i can comprehend it and do the rest of the lessons (B and C) reread the grammar points and make sure i understand it and reread the passage. Day 3 reread the passage again to see if i understand what is happening and see if i need to touch up on anything if not carry onto the next lesson.

That is my plan

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I may start using anki instead of Kitsun though since i’m a bit short on money rn. Also with anki i could do the tango sentence decks to boost my reading comprehention

Added you. Though I won’t be able to talk today, but I believe we’ll find a way to coordinate time. :durtle_noice:

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