Minna no nihongo 1 study buddy

Hello there, I hope you all are well.
I am taking Japanese lessons once a week. We use minna no nihongo 1. The lessons are good but I would like to apply the grammar / learned lessons more than just once a week. I would love to get more practice using / building sentences. Anyway I am on chapter 4 changing to 5 soon.

Is there anyone who also uses the book on a similar level, who would like to practice with me?

take care

oh, I am from Europe.

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Our lessons are twice a week, 3 hours each.
we are at the chapter 12 at the moment but i’d like to help.
see you around.

Hi HotWeather, thanks four your reply.

Can you tell me some more about those lessons? Are you skying? How many people participate?
Cheers JJ

these are free of charge lessons funded by Istanbul b.b.
Minna no nihongo is the textbook. there are 30 students in classes. currently it is A2 course so we will finally learn some kanji :slight_smile:
but lessons are suspended because of the VIRUS_MUST_NOT_BE_NAMED
sensei encourages us to talk and to listen all the time. we are writing tiny dialog scripts at the end of chapters

I am currently re-working through the first book because of several reasons… I only started yesterday but it is only to review and to learn some grammar points that I skipped (unintentionally) before (and to learn the vocab properly!). Therefore I guess I’ll be fairly quick to catch up to chapter 4/5.

Btw. I’m sitting in Europe as well

Such a Dutch phrasing!

I am also in Europe, but I am in the second Intermediate textbook.

My Japanese class moved all of the classes to Discord, for the time being. Teacher streaming from home. Pretty much the same as being in the classroom, but more people from other levels join in. Here is a picture of my set up at home:

On the wall is the teacher’s stream, a word document where he puts up sentences for us to translate.

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Hi, I would be interested in studying with you.

ah I see. That is a great offer. I hope it continues soon!

thanks for your replies guys! :slight_smile: How would you like to study?
I am not so good to start conversation but I would like to get an email (or similar) exchange going based on the grammar I have learned so far. Asking questions the other has to answer and vice versa or starting a text conversation based on what we know so far. pretty basic but I need to practice those grammar points. :slight_smile: Did you have something similar in mind?

I anyway have my lessons via skype, so no change. But that looks kinda good. :slight_smile:

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i use this site.

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Hi Desireentz,

I am in Germany too! Wenn du lust hast gemeinsam zu üben wär das super. :slight_smile: Gibt es hier privat Nachrichten?

Nope, no private messages.

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ah ok… thanks.


I have been learning from Minna No Nihongo as well. Would you still be interested in studying together?

What I can suggest is, we pick a chapter. From that, using the grammar and the vocab we have learnt in that particular lesson and previous lessons, I send you and you send me a written comprehension of sorts/a story and maybe also questions so it becomes like reading comprehension. If there are errors, we can point that out to each other.

We can do this over email.

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hi @milidhanki,

yes, I am interested! the suggestion sounds good. which chapter are you at, at the moment?

It seems there are no PM here at Wanikani… we could practice here or you can find me on discord under the same name.
I am currently on level 7 at みんなの日本語。


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私の名前は ミリです。よろしくおねがいします。
いま レッスン 5 から 10まで の れんしゅうしています.

I have signed up on discord, I will need your 4 digit tag so I can find you, or you can find me @milidhanki8221 . I will start off with lesson 7 as well and create practice. See you at discord ! I am excited about our practice. そうはじめましょう.

Nice sentence! Just thought I’d comment, in Japanese you can’t go to a person, you have to go to a location. Also, the fact thst you say 母 instead of お母さん makes it clear that you are talking about your own mum, so no need for 私の there!


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