Milestones and Happy Moments

So I had a happy milestone moment just now and was looking for a thread in which to post it, but it seems like people mostly just create new threads when they have something exciting to share. Maybe this can be an unofficial “Hey, look, I did the thing” thread for showing off and cheering on?

I got my first enlightened items today!!! I’m not entirely sure how I remembered the stick radical, but somehow I managed! :rofl:

Anything anybody wants to share??


Good on you! I can’t wait until I reach that stage. Funnily enough, I was looking for a “little victories” thread this morning, too. I wanted to share that I had a good nights sleep and how it affected my morning WK review.


Even though I’ve still got a long, LONG way to go, about a week or so ago I managed to speak two full, pretty basic, conversations in Japanese!

It was incredibly satisfying, especially because it made me feel more part of one of the schools I work at!


Happy Moments!

I woke up today with a notification for 60+ review items.
So to help me wake up, I immediately took them on (game face).

To my surprise, I got it all without any mistakes!
Maybe it’s more effective to do these reviews in accumulation and after resting?

I usually get a couple mistakes on these regular 20+ reviews,
excluding typo mistakes, ugh, I hate it when that happens.


@zbeel13 That’s amazing! I’m the absolute opposite of a morning person, so I tend to make more mistakes in the mornings until I’ve been awake for a few hours and gotten all the gears in my brain up to speed.

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