First enlightens!

Finally got my first radicals to enlightened today after 58 days of WK. Cant wait to burn!


Congrats! :partying_face:
Looking forward to another post in four months. Burn those turtles! :turtle:



Hey congratulations! I remember my first batch of enlightened. That was a fun feeling. I hope you use this to fuel you further in your journey! All the best!
Your post got me fired up to do my reviews. Level 20 here I go!


How’s it been going since then?
I’m curious b/c after missing all day yesterday due to real world duties, I got back in with nearly 200 reviews, which I’m approaching in batches today. My first batch was so frustrating b/c it’s like I never heard of any of this stuff before and I only missed one freaking day! Then I went back to the dashboard, and realized the reason I’d gotten a couple easy radicals thrown at me today was so I could get my very first enlightenments! Yay!
So now I’m curious what the next WK month will look like.

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Ah I feel your pain, I missed my reviews yesterday because of work and came home to a 280 review stack!
Gotta get to that tonight, but the wani kani work load definitely stacks up if you dont pace yourself. Also I agree it’s a very frustrating feeling when you cant remember any of your items, but consistency is key! Congrats on the enlightens and keep up the good work and lemme know when you get those first burns in a few months.:+1:


Oh no! I hope you can find a way to set aside some time each day for this. I find that it helps if I set the same time each day to do reviews. I understand that this might not be always possible but if you stick to it this way I feel you will be more successful.

All the best!
And yes I did get to 20 and 21 since I commented, hopefully 22 in a day or two.
You can do it! I even added you to my leader-board so I can see how you are doing.


Hey that’s a good idea I’ll have to install that leader board script. And I think you are right I should follow my own advice and be more consistent with the reviews. I gotta start a dedicated study schedule I suppose your post gave me the little boost I needed to start that so cheers!


Hey I think it will really help. I have a non-negotiable designated review time, immediately followed by some lessons. I make sure that if I do not do any reviews at all the whole day, this non-negotiable time is a MUST. However much I want to sneak in some more Naruto, I implore myself that reviews must be done once daily and that goes for lessons too.

Hopefully I have justified watching more Naruto by getting reviews to 0 and doing some lessons before watching a couple of episodes. :wink:

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Just curious but are you watching the sub or dub of naruto? And if sub how much can you understand?

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woop woop ! keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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response placed in detail to save space while scrolling

I am watching the sub. I do not generally like dubs because the voice acting pales in comparison to the original. I also want to keep hearing Japanese so I can become more accustomed to how it sounds. Hopefully this translates into parsing it better when I listen for real practice.

I barely understand if I just listen in, I do recognize words here and there. They do speak quite fast for my comprehension at the moment. Maybe it will get better once I get some more grammar in. I am only a quarter of the way in the N5 track of BunPro so my grammar is not very varied right now :sweat_smile: that explains why I do not get most of the dialogue without subs.

Hope this helps? :neutral_face:


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