Daily Journal

Ah, we’ll see how long this thread lasts, hopefully I’ll be able to add something new everyday, though I do work a lot on the weekends. Still! I want to try.

So the purpose of this thread is to try and document my everyday (or close to) adventure with WaniKani! Spoiler, I have used this before, but life got so hectic that I ended up restarting. I lost motivation and the reviews piled up so high that I felt trepidation at trying it, especially since I was mostly wrong.

I hope that by logging my progress, I’ll feel the motivation I need to keep going! So, here’s where I’m at today.

I redid my progress over the weekend, and have been using the app/website daily since! Right now I’m on level two, with eight of the kanji already passed, and the rest I will be able to pass here within a couple days, since my fourth review of the words is here in 30 mins. I am excited to be back, as my motivation has returned and though I do sort of wish I had only rolled back to level 3 instead of doing a clean slate completely, I am determined to stay more on top of it this time!

Future me, remember this feeling! Of creating a new thread, and being anxious, nervous, a little scared because you realize just how long of a journey you’re reembarking on actually is and you’re moving to a completely different part of the country in just a couple months. But also remember how much you enjoy the language. Remember how excited you got when you actually understood that word in しょくげきのそま. Remember that feeling of satisfaction when all your lessons were learned and the reviews were done. Remember the feeling of anticipation as the hour of reviews becoming available drew nearer. Remember that and keep going! You’ve got this!


I’ll make these replies shorter than the original so it doesn’t turn into this like… real long thing lol. But, day two, still feeling good! Made it to level three let’s go! Some of this stuff is coming back and it’s been helping a lot in the motivation department! I hope to keep this ball rollin, and we’ll see if I can make it to level 60 in two years time! That’s the goal anyway :DD


Don’t worry about the length, it’s your thread! Say whatever you want to say :wink:

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Ah, you have a point there Saida, I will make these as long as I wish.

Right now I’m about to go to class, but before that I got some more done! I am still feeling really good about my motivation and ability to get through all of this. I woke up to over a hundred reviews for the first time since I started again and while it was a little daunting at first, it was daunting in a good way. I wasn’t apprehensive, it was more like I was seeing a challenge and preparing with a grin.

I broke it in half, because doing so gave me a nice break, and was able to finish the reviews AND learn some new lessons in about 15 mins, which is exciting! I only have a couple review sessions left before I start really unlocking the rest of the level three kanji, and I can not wait until it happens!


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