Meaning of ~ざらまし in this sentence

I’m translating this song and I’m a bit stumped by this line:

I know ~まし is used to mean something is better than an alternative, and in finding one other example that ended in ~ざらまし, the meaning was, “if it were not ~”, but I don’t know if that makes any sense in this context?
The song is about Mothra and is talking about the Mothra v. Godzilla movie. The first line is talking about killing demons. The second one is… something about (the demons?) hating people maybe.
Does ~zaramashi have any specific meaning or what might it mean in this context?

ざらまし is classical Japanese, from the quick googling I just did.ざらまし

I wouldn’t try to parse it as though it were modern Japanese.

At the bottom of the entry, it says that ざら is the 未然形 (the stem that you can apply ない to in modern words) of ず, and then まし is the まし you were thinking of. ず is a classical negative form.


thank you !! :slightly_smiling_face:
I think I came across that page while trying to look things up but wasn’t familiar with it and didn’t really understand what anything on the page meant! It seems like something I should try and get more familiar with for future use

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