Meaning and reading mnemonic for 歴?

I just got this new and I’m thinking about a cool story but I can’t think of anything good.
Please help!! :man_bowing:t5:

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Continuation is a bit weird as the main meaning, the KKLC gives the main meaning personal history.

I would advice that you use the main vocab to remember this, 歴史 (history, れきし) and 履歴書 (CV, りれきしょ).

The mnemonic in KKDC is “In Japan one fills out a standard PERSONAL HISTORY form (履歴書) when applying for a job. If 歴 was any indication of the form’s content, we would expect it to ask the applicant, “When did you stop (止) smoking hemp (麻)?””

There is a small trick there however because there are two very similar kanji, 麻 and 厤 (notice the small dot on top) and this kanji uses the non-hemp one. Both also indicate the reading.

厤 → れき → 歴暦
麻 → ま → 摩磨魔

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It’s a shame that when the trees are shrunk they look the same. It basically means you have to memorize when it’s れき or ま. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s not just the trees, there is also a very small dot on top, as in 厂 and 广.

Ah, I didn’t get what you meant when you said that originally. Thank you, I will definitely pay more attention to that going forward.

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Yes, it’s not that obvious. I just recently found out that 恋 doesn’t actually have 赤 in it, so trying to write stuff definitely helps :slight_smile:

I actually don’t have any issues with those kanji simply because I know words that use them well. But I was concerned about not noticing the difference for kanji I didn’t already know, so it’s really good to know how to distinguish them. Though I’m not sure any other kanji using those phonetic components are actually used. :man_shrugging:

Apart from those here it doesn’t seem like other kanji with that component are used, but on the plus side these kanji are perfectly regular and have a interesting composition, they are very easy to remember and distinguish. There are not so many other “hanging” components as in 腐 or 慮.

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