May I suggest the addition of "勇者" to the vocabulary?

Hi guys,
since a lot of people that are trying to get into japanese are into anime, I think that the overused word 勇者 in isekai titles can help to remember the on’yomi reading of 勇.


Feels like a good suggestion. There’s currently one adjective, one noun, and one verb, so they’ve covered the usual vocab types, but given (as you say) the prevalence of 勇者 in media, it would feel sensible to add it.


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Thanks for the reply, since I’m still learning I didn’t know if it’s only an anime lingo or it’s used in day-to-day japanese too.

For me Dragon Quest drilled that word into my head forever.

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and spell, I learned right away the word. Poppu repeated like 5 times per episode :rofl:

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