May 15 2020 Content Updates


斤 - added ‘loaf of bread counter’ to whitelist

斗 - added ‘dipper’ and ‘volume’ as secondary meanings

隼/陣 - added to visually similar kanji

自 - added “oneself” to meanings

己 - added “self” to meanings

員/賞 - added to visually similar kanji

官/宮 - added to visually similar kanji

則/側 - added to visually similar kanji

図/区 - added to visually similar kanji

制 - changed radical from 生 to 牛 and updated all mnemonics

里 - changed primary meaning to “hometown”, whitelisted “home village”

減 - updated meaning hint

漬 - updated radicals and all mnemonics


上巻 - added “last volume” to blacklist

選手 - updated meaning mnemonic

定量 - updated example sentences

二斤 - added ‘two bread loaves’ to whitelist.

失う - updated reading mnemonic

水着 - improved reading explanation

挙がる - added “to raise” to blacklist

酒飲み - added “drink” to blacklist

製作 - added “product” to blacklist

促す - updated meaning mnemonic and hint, and reading mnemonic and hint

流行語 - updated meaning mnemonic

越える - corrected part of speech from intransitive verb to transitive verb

弾く- updated meaning and reading mnemonics and added two new context sentences

幾つ - added “how old” to meanings, updated meaning mnemonic, added “how much” to blacklist and added two new context sentences

航空 - added “navigation” to blacklist

綿 - changed primary meaning to “cotton plant”, added “cotton material” as a meaning, and whitelisted “cotton”. Also updated context sentences.

込める - added “to put in” and “to load” as meanings, whitelisted “to include”

右腕 - added reading mnemonic for the う reading and added blurb about where this reading gets used

里 - added ‘hometown’ as the primary meaning, whitelisted ‘home village’. Added new context sentences

幻覚 - updated meaning explanation

自覚 - updated meaning explanation

狙い - updated context sentences

値札 - moved from level 22 to level 24 due to mnemonics and ordering


Thank you, Camfish


But I spent so long remembering which was which :cry:

But seriously, good change. :slight_smile: