Master List of Study Logs

Hope it’ll be fair, I added my own study log to this master thread just now :grin:
The final month of lessons - a certain Bidoof’s study log!
We’ll see how it goes :heart:


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Added my study log. Still needs to finish some of my initial posts. If I was better at writing short posts… :joy:


Added my logs :bookmark_tabs: and collection :hammer_and_wrench:

However, I noticed that not every logs are in Japanese language, like some are in Campfire. Although I have power to move posts across categories, I want to hold back on that.

  • There is indeed a benefit to putting outside Campfire – just paste the link, and the title will show up.

That’s a personal choice for the log creator to make - it affects the searchability of the content from outside the forums. Not something for a third-party to be changing.


Which categories are searchable from outside the forum?

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Every categories without :lock: symbol

Campfire is a safe place, at least search engine (and no account) wise.



Just wanted to let you know, that I joined your ranks as study loggers. I’ll try to keep it up to date and write in it at least once a week, maybe more. Feel free to hold me acountable if I don’t keep up with that frequency - not that I’ve fallen off the wagon again :smile:



Pushing the topic a bit higher up :grin:

I have joined the Study Loggers as well and I know that quite a few others have started their own logs this January, so maybe they will see this topic as well and join the list!

As for me, I’m here:

Kate’s Study Log appears!


just adding to the masterlist

i started wanikani at the new year and it’s been fun keeping up with a study log! i hope you check it out („• ᴗ •„)

:cherry_blossom: taiyousea’s study log :dango:


I needed accountability so I made a log and added it :melting_face:

Here’s to weekly updates and hoping I am consistent


Added mine. I wonder if it’s worth separating active, completed (hit level 60) and inactive (incomplete, last post before 2023) study logs?


That would be a lot of admin for a very casual list.

Also, not entirely sure what you mean that hitting level 60 would be “completed”. While there are people who hit level 60 and then stop coming around, there are others (for example: me) who are still here, still learning and my study log is very much not completed. (And level 60 does very much not mean being fluent and ready to never study anymore… :sob:)


Added mine on here too~


I do agree it’d be a lot of admin to sort out the list but it is quite lengthy and hard to parse through. Sorting inactive vs active would be good and active level 60 would be good in a separate list because it can help people gauge where they personally are in their language journey. I agree that level 60 doesn’t mean fluency but knowing who’s completed WK and seeing where they are beyond WK can help others that are starting and see what to focus on. BUT that’s all food for thought. :person_shrugging:

This list was started in 2019, a simple list of links to study logs with no sorting, not even alphabetical (maybe it was alphabetically sorted once, but not now and not when I added my log a year ago).

No matter how good the intentions, any sorting except for alphabetical (although even that would be a question between title of the thread and username, and that could change because both of those can be changed) will result in some judging. And when there is judging, there is value added or subtracted. Intentional or not.

And for realz guys, 60 is just a number. 60 says nothing about Japanese ability. There are people who’ve gotten to 60 and are still N5. And others who are N1 at 30 or some other random level that isn’t 60.

If you guys think it would be valuable to have a list of study logs that is sorted for active/inactive and possibly other criteria, I think in this case it might be better to start a new one. There are a lot of study logs here, and none of them added their link with the expectation that someone in the future would sit judge over their log to decide if they were “advanced” in Japanese enough to be put in the post-60 slot, or whether they posted to their log often enough. Heck, probably 90% of the links on that list are to study logs that are inactive.

If it is all for finding active study logs, there are other ways to find them. Just scroll through a list of recent camp fire topics and Japanese language. Find the first 20 (or some other number) logs on both lists, and there you go. Read through some of them, and you’ll find yourself some fun logs to follow that were updated recently. Do this every so often and you’ll have caught every currently active log and been able to decide if it will be of interest to you.

Perhaps that feels like a bit much effort, then start a thread and see if people are interested in being added to a study log list that will add an inactive label to any study log that doesn’t have an update once a year or whatever interval seems good. And if you want more criteria, let people sign themselves up knowing those.

Study logs are something we create for ourselves. They can be quite personal, so suddenly having someone else make judgements about them (when you didn’t sign up for having it publicly labeled)… well, it feels very off to me.


The is no way to say that a log is inactive, other than clicking into them and being over time criteria.

Perhaps no one who dare call a log inactive and move the link down/out, other than the log writer themself. (Which themself may also be inactive.)


Oh yeah, I never added myself here. Guess I’ll do that. My log is self indulgent and half health complaints, but it’s fun to see the transition from doing Genki and starting WK in the first post to having just posted a list of all the native media I’ve read so far. :muscle:


I very much agree. It feels pretty taboo to take the reigns on something like that. I am but a lowly observer :rofl: