Master List of Book Clubs

Many of them are for longer series, where they presumably intended originally to read the whole thing (I could be wrong though). And then they just stop out of nowhere! But yeah, if there are no objections to three months I’ll just use that. And maybe I’ll ping the person running the series beforehand just to check.

I won’t bother changing it then. Feel free to mark it as complete when you’re done!


I wanted to make some instructions on how to enable email notifications in case you’d like to invite someone(s) from outside the WaniKani forums to participate in your book club. If you think this should go in a different thread, or be its own thread, please let me know.

These instructions assume basic Internet literacy.

Step 1: Make a WaniKani account

Go to and create an account via the “Join Us” button in the top right of the window.

Step 2: Go to the forums

Go to and log in.
Then look up the book club with the search function in the upper right of the window.
Click the link to the club when you find it.

Step 3: Set the book club thread to “watching”

Click the bell in the bottom right corner of the window and then select watching

Step 4: Go to your account Preferences

Click your icon in the upper right corner of the window,

then click the person (profile) button and then click the Preferences option

Step 5: Set up email notifications

Select Emails on the left, and then change your frequency to “always” in the second option

You may still need to ping your friend with an @ occasionally, but this way they don’t have to constantly check the forums manually. Making it easier for them to participate can help increase the activity in the club and contribute to the discussion.


I don’t mind those instructions being here, but for what you are planning to use them for, it might maybe be beneficial for them to be in their own thread, so that it’s easier for you to send the link to people? (I mean, of course you can send a link to this reply right in the middle of the thread, but wouldn’t it a bit confusing maybe? …)

(Minor technical note: I think for step 4 it might be easier to understand if you use a screenshot without open notifications? I find this light blue to be quite the attention-grabber… But maybe it’s too difficult for you to get rid of all of the bookmarks? :sweat_smile: Then it’s fine of course)


Thanks! I’ll repost it then

Good catch, thanks. I was going to combine 4/5 and had a brain fart I think

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Aww, I miss reading that! I need to get back to it this summer when I have more time again

Can I add the Sayaka Murata Book Club to the ‘Miscellaneous Book Clubs (scheduled)’ section, or should I add the individual books separately as they are read?


I’d probably add the individual books as they are read. You could always put the author’s name in parentheses if you want to.


I think the best place for it might be the “Offshoot book clubs” section of the intermediate club header. Right now all that’s there is “N/A” and I think the Sayaka Murata Book Club fits the bill nicely.


I’m going to mark some book clubs as inactive if the bookclub runners don’t respond here and let me know they are still ongoing. I won’t remove anything, just change “In Progress” to “Inactive”, and if it starts back up again you can just change it back to “In Progress”.

@kelsyp One Piece
@lifev Skip Beat
@Bruford Jojo
@Belthazar @Naphthalene 百人一首
@Marifly Harry Potter


We finished Harry Potter.

As for the Hyakunin Isshuu… Uh, we’ll finish it someday?

So should I set the status to “Uh, we’ll finish it someday”? :slight_smile:


Precisely. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@seanblue Any issues with me moving the Murata bookclub into the intermediate club offshoot section? I can also remove 殺人出産 from the miscellaneous club section to clean things up since it falls under the Murata club umbrella.

It feels out of place to me. Up until now, the offshoot section has been used for series that were read as part of the given difficulty club (e.g. Aria in the beginner book club), and then continued on the side. That’s not really the case for this.

Anyone else have an opinion on this? If there’s a consensus, I’m fine with it.

  • Individual Murata books belong in the miscellaneous scheduled section (one entry per book)
  • Murata book club as a whole belongs in the miscellaneous scheduled section (one entry for the author)
  • Murata book club as a whole belongs in the intermediate book club offshoot section (one entry for the author)
  • Other (please comment)

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There’s also the fact I’m not only done with the book, but I have already sold it to BookOff so uh I’m pretty much done with that club.

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If kept as a “Murata” book club, I feel it is indeed an offshoot. At the same time, I think it’s more informative to have each book separately in the table… :thinking:


If you finished the book, but didn’t post about it here, did you even finish?


I did post about it! You even liked that post.
It was in the 多読 thread, though. I can link my post in the relevant thread if you want :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this hits every definition of the “offshoot” clubs except that it’s not technically a series. It also started following the repeat コンビニ人間 club instead of immediately following the initial club, which I guess makes it a little different. But because the Murata club exists it feels neater to me to put it all together under one heading instead of having several harder-to-find miscellaneous books, and @Phryne organized the main page very nicely so it’s easy to find more information about each individual book from there. I’ll see what the vote says and defer to your judgement.


Hmmm, first I was thinking that if it’s a book club where we get to pick books and read them in a non-specific order, then it is technically something at the same level as e.g. the Beginner or Intermediate Book Club. But having it as another top level entry in the OP would definitely not be to my liking as it will fragment things too much.

That’s an interesting take on it. I also like the idea of keeping the books somewhat grouped together in the OP as not all of them are famous and so the value (in terms of discoverability) of having listed them as individual entries is not that high in my opinion. So, bottom line, I’d also be in favour of adding the whole club as an offshoot in the Intermediate Club (because if we regard it as being a “series”, then it started from an Intermediate Club pick).