Master List of Book Clubs

Yep, that’s the one!

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@IntrepidFox One entry per series please. :slight_smile: I’d recommend just linking to the series home thread instead of to each individual volume’s thread. You did make a home thread, right? If not I’d say either just link to volume one’s thread or update the single entry with the latest volume’s thread.

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Sure, deleted it. There is no home thread, but will add a link to Vol 1’s intro post about the second volume thread, that might be the best.

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Hi! I’m kinda new to this. I wanna join but I’m kinda confused… How does it work? Is there like a discord channel or something?

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This thread only provides an overview of the various book clubs that exist, so there’s not much you can actually do on this thread. Please have a look at the various book clubs that aim for different language levels (from Absolute Beginner to Advanced). You can have a look at the home thread of the book club of your choice, where you will find lots more information. Usually the clubs decide on a book or manga together and then read it in weekly assignments: Everybody reads on their own but all participants read the same chunk in the same week, if that makes sense. There are usually threads for the chosen book and for its weekly assignments, where people can ask questions about grammar or general understanding or discuss the contents as such. Some book clubs also run a read aloud session once a week where the participants all get together on discord and read the previous week’s assignment together.

That’s about it, I think! Welcome to the book clubs :slight_smile:


This was so helpful :smiley: Thank you so much!!


I just added Sachiiro no One Room to the miscellaneous scheduled section! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, I was searching around the forums for any alternative ereader that didn’t support amazon, found your review and along with some others and decided to purchase a kobo. So first, thanks for writing it! Second, what is the koreader application that you’ve mentioned?

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Hi there! Koreader is a free third party software that you can install on the device - it has a lot of additional features that, in particular, make reading pdfs a lot more pleasant. Whether or not it is useful for you will depend on what you are planning to read: for books and manga purchased from the Kobo store, the default software is fine. But for pdfs, it can be an exercise in frustration, as it is slow to zoom and scroll - a more recent update actually made it worse somehow, as the software no longer automatically goes to the top of the page when turning pages when in landscape mode (and due to size, landscape mode is for the most part the only viable way to read documents on 6" screen).

I’m a PhD student who reads lots of academic article, so having a good pdf reader was a game changer.

Some of the things koreader can do with pdfs is auto crop margins, detect the use of columns, scrolling pdfs by tapping, instead of dragging, continuous page view, all of which make reading pdfs a lot snappier then on the default software. There’s a lot more, like OCR capabilities, but I haven’t played around with them all. The last thing I will mention is that it’s not an either/or situation - koreader is installed alongside default software, so you can switch between the two as you please. I mostly use default software for epubs and mangas bought from official store (which use the kepub format, hence why they don’t suck as much to read like pdfs).

Link below - if you do some searching on YouTube, you can find reviews and how to install, but it’s super easy to install


Thank you so much for this detailed reply! I do read a lot of pdfs on top of wanting the ereader for access to a Japanese bookstore that isn’t Amazon lol. I tried reading a pdf last night and it was a bit of a struggle, so I’ll definitely download koreader now that I know it isn’t going to totally take over my device.

There are a lot of miscellaneous book clubs that say “in progress”, but haven’t had new posts or discussions in months. Anyone have any thoughts on when we should mark them as “inactive”? Maybe after three months of inactivity?


As these are scheduled book clubs, theoretically™ they become inactive as soon as their schedule is expired, I guess? In case the schedule cannot easily be determined, a three month grace period sounds like a good threshold to me.


For アオハル, it got down to only me reading on schedule, so I haven’t done any new posts in a couple of months, yet I’m still reading as per schedule (for what that may matter!)

The scheduled end of アオハル is in 15 days, so I figured I’ll mark it as complete around that time. Feel free to change the status in any way you feel appropriate.


Many of them are for longer series, where they presumably intended originally to read the whole thing (I could be wrong though). And then they just stop out of nowhere! But yeah, if there are no objections to three months I’ll just use that. And maybe I’ll ping the person running the series beforehand just to check.

I won’t bother changing it then. Feel free to mark it as complete when you’re done!


I wanted to make some instructions on how to enable email notifications in case you’d like to invite someone(s) from outside the WaniKani forums to participate in your book club. If you think this should go in a different thread, or be its own thread, please let me know.

These instructions assume basic Internet literacy.

Step 1: Make a WaniKani account

Go to and create an account via the “Join Us” button in the top right of the window.

Step 2: Go to the forums

Go to and log in.
Then look up the book club with the search function in the upper right of the window.
Click the link to the club when you find it.

Step 3: Set the book club thread to “watching”

Click the bell in the bottom right corner of the window and then select watching

Step 4: Go to your account Preferences

Click your icon in the upper right corner of the window,

then click the person (profile) button and then click the Preferences option

Step 5: Set up email notifications

Select Emails on the left, and then change your frequency to “always” in the second option

You may still need to ping your friend with an @ occasionally, but this way they don’t have to constantly check the forums manually. Making it easier for them to participate can help increase the activity in the club and contribute to the discussion.


I don’t mind those instructions being here, but for what you are planning to use them for, it might maybe be beneficial for them to be in their own thread, so that it’s easier for you to send the link to people? (I mean, of course you can send a link to this reply right in the middle of the thread, but wouldn’t it a bit confusing maybe? …)

(Minor technical note: I think for step 4 it might be easier to understand if you use a screenshot without open notifications? I find this light blue to be quite the attention-grabber… But maybe it’s too difficult for you to get rid of all of the bookmarks? :sweat_smile: Then it’s fine of course)


Thanks! I’ll repost it then

Good catch, thanks. I was going to combine 4/5 and had a brain fart I think

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Aww, I miss reading that! I need to get back to it this summer when I have more time again

Can I add the Sayaka Murata Book Club to the ‘Miscellaneous Book Clubs (scheduled)’ section, or should I add the individual books separately as they are read?


I’d probably add the individual books as they are read. You could always put the author’s name in parentheses if you want to.