Master List of Book Clubs

Hello! I am thinking of starting a book club for the 10th volume of the Manga 3月のライオン (March Comes in Like a Lion) for fans of the anime–it’s the book that picks up right after the second season of the anime ends. Although it is a manga, I would not call it a beginner book–it was intended for young adults, so it uses adult level Kanji. I’m not sure what level to call it, so if anyone with more experience leveling books wants to chip in, I’d be grateful. Thanks to Radish8, I now know you can read sample pages here:

Each chapter has an article on Shougi that could be optional, so people who want more reading could do so, or skip it without getting behind in the story.

Once I decide a level, I’ll post a poll to see how many people are interested, and when people would want to start. I’m thinking sometime in the Fall.

Update: we are starting from book one, sometime in September, and will work our way through the series.
More info here:3月のライオン (March Comes in Like a Lion) Book Club🦁🤓