Is This A Bug Or What?

Can somebody explain this to me? i don’t know where did i do my mistake

Did you maybe hit ぺい instead of べい? Hard to tell because of the font.

Edit: Never mind, apparently the zoom function of myth really does exist. :upside_down_face:

no, its べい

What about spaces?

Try again and see if it works this time. It might just be a one time thing.

Did you have a second review tab open at any point? Sometimes that confuses things.

it was a one time thing, i was just wondering why was it wrong the first time.

Sometimes the programming gets a little jumbled and it needs to start from zero essentially. At least, that’s what my dilettante level of knowledge can come up with.

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Did you somehow manage to get the ベ in katakana instead of hiragana???

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That might also be the case. If you accidentally hit the capital button, it might have converted it to katakana without you noticing.

Actually, that could be it, they’re identical, right?

Yep, look

べい and ベイ

I had a similar “bug” occur on KaniWani - - some word that used へ, or maybe べ ,.,.,., I accidentally squeezed in a Spacebar, or a stray tap onto the CapsLock,., somewhere in there and got it wrong even though it looked fully legit

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