Mark as Burned

Hi everyone,
Are there any third-party apps that would allow me to mark items as burned? I was by no means a kanji master before I started WaniKani, but there are several words that I learned on my own and really, truly know.

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Not possible

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Nothing can do that. That’s controlled by the WK backend.

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Bummer. I saw that it got shot down as a WaniKani feature back in 2014 because people thought it would be abused or unnecessary, so I guess that’s it.

There’s a workaround of simply adding a synonym to the items you know like ‘b’, and then answering them this way, but nothing manual.

You could automate that. A question comes up in review, and it gets auto-answered.
Hell, In theory you could write a script that just watches for an item to come up for review, and then “answer” it for you. Have it all happen in the background, and never actually see it come up in reviews.