March Comes in Like a Lion Chapters 20 and 21


The main page, with the schedule, is here :nerd_face: :wave:t4:,
and the vocabulary list is here. Thank you to those of you who have been adding to it!!
Chapter 21 has a bit of Shougi, so you might find my Guide to Shougi Pieces useful.

This is the end of volume 2, so please let me know if you will be continuing on with volume 3 by taking the survey here, if you haven’t already. There’s already enough interest for me to continue maintaining the book club, yay!

And how is it going this week?

  • I’m reading along.
  • I’ve already read this part, but I’m here for discussion.
  • I’ll catch up later.
  • I’m dropping this book.

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Ah, these chapters make my chest tight.
I long for that kind of passion. When will Rei realize that he loves shogi?

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