March Comes in Like A Lion, Volumes 4-15


This thread is part of a sort-of book club reading the Manga Series March Comes In Like a Lion.
We read books 1-3 on a schedule, and maintained vocabulary lists. The discussions and vocabulary lists for those books are linked on the main page for the book club. Feel free to add your voice to the discussion, I still lurk around the discussion pages!

If you are reading the Manga–or even just watching the show, feel free to drop questions and comments in this discussion thread–just mention what chapter you are reading.

Since most people don’t have a lot of exposure to Shougi, I put together this sheet that helps you “read” the Shougi information. I also found this website useful when they start speaking shougese.

  • I watched the anime.
  • I’ve already read the manga.
  • I might read the manga in the future.
  • I’m reading the manga now.
  • None of the above.

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