March Comes in Like a Lion, Chapters 14 and 15🤓🦁😺


If you stumbled on this thread, go check out the main page, which has a reading schedule, and information about the book, including a link to a preview…

Thanks to those of you who have been adding to our vocabulary list!

I’m super excited to have Nikaidou teach us some shougi this week, but in the meantime, my handy Guide to Shougi Pieces might help you interpret the game boards that appear in these chapters.

This is is the second-ever week of reading two chapters, so I’m curious how it went.

  • I’m reading along–2 chapters was fine
  • I’m reading along, but it was a struggle to make it
  • I’ll catch up later if you switch to 1 chapter a week
  • I’ll catch up later, but it’s me, not the 2 chapters
  • I’ve already read this part, but I’m here for discussion
  • I’m dropping this book

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This is uncannily accurate:


Loved that panel. The cats in this manga are crazy. :joy:


Says Kappa to a woman who spent 3 hours this (early) morning assiduously ignoring the cat who was biting her nose to announce readiness for breakfast.


This is 桐山五段, right?

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老若男女 is maybe the best word ever for a cat. Check the vocabulary sheet if you don’t see what I mean.

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Rei is oddly well versed in publishing terminology.
And now, so am I. Since I’m an illustrator, this might count as work right now.

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Okay, last comment on this thread, I promise!!!
Does anyone understand why Rei made a distinction between 案ずる and案じる on the last page of chapter 15? lists them as synonyms

明鏡 lists 案じる as:

however 新明解 says:

probably not very happy about having to consider him being a 親友

What’s up with the shapes embedded into the sentences in these definitions?

Since definition 1 is the only definition that’s different, I will take a stab at those:
案ずる to carefully consider the best course of action.
案じる to trace back to the origins to understand the meaning of the current problem (to get the various viewpoints in alignment).

This still didn’t make sense to me. Is Rei maybe saying he’s trying to figure out the best way to tell 二海堂 that he can’t come over?

they write it like that to make it shorter on paper.

i cheated and looked up a fantraslation.

my explanation doesn’t help. we need someone who understands jp-jp dictionaries.

Just caught up with Ch 14! I didn’t realize Hina didn’t know Rei is a pro shogi player :sweat_smile: also obligatory “I love the cats” post


I loved the reveal scene-- especially how Rei just tried to quietly excuse himself from the table.

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