Manually override to mark answer as correct

I’ve seen a few threads on this, but most were old so thought I’d start a new one.

I recently reset to Level1 from around Level11. I am often finding I typo my answers, it’s especially true for the ones I actually know well. Also, it’s mostly on my mobile phone, less so on my tablet and to be fair are rarely on PC.

‘Just use a script’ seems to be the go to answer of the past, but that doesn’t really help me on mobile or tablet.

Can we please have an option in settings, defaulted to off, to allow us to mark incorrect answers as correct? I am 100% against cheating myself, I really am, I want to learn not ‘feel good’ but the idea of going back to the days of putting levelling up off by a few days because I fat fingered my phone again make me a little sad.

I guess the only other workaround, could be to use the API to fudge it post-review? Which would be effort, but in the more ‘extreme’ cases of delaying a level by a day, I’d be willing to invest the time to do it.

All the best, great app.


I believe the mobile apps do that already. They’re also IMO a lot more comfortable that trying to fumble through the webpage on a phone.

For Android you’ll want Flaming Durtles. I don’t know what the iOS one is called but search API and Apps subforum and you’ll probably find it.


Tsurukame on ios

To be more specific, it doesn’t allow you to make it correct, but it allows you to undo. So you can undo and type the right answer instead.
I also like to use the “Anki mode” for the meaning of the word, so I don’t have to type out the English, I say it in my head (or my own synonym/ in my own language) and then the buttons Correct / False appear and I can choose one (and can undo there too, if I change my mind)

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Allowing folks to officially cheat would drastically increase the amount of “I’m level XX but feel like I haven’t learned/remembered anything” posts.


Oh, I hadn’t even thought about a native App! What excellent news, I will check thhem out soon :slight_smile:

I know typos are frustrating, but put it this way, the only thing that happens is you study that kanji,radical or word a few more times. You didn’t fail, if you know it you’ll know it the next time and you probably won’t do a typo. :slight_smile:


mmh appreciate that, it’s less about the failing and more about when it halts progression to new levels.

Since I reset to Level1 I don’t want to be held up by typos on stuff I know.

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Oh I like this, sounds much more feature ‘rich’. Having options is good.

I’d rather an undo and retry since that’s a little less ‘cheaty’ and even if it’s wrong the first time, you still have to recall the actual answer rather than being shown it. Interesting!

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Flaming Durtles is so good Tofugu will never need to build their own app.

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I make a lot of typos, but I am ambivalent about this suggestion. Not to say it shouldn’t be there for people who want it, but I am not sure I would use it.

I think that the better solution would be for the app to have a notion of “close to correct” answer. It is very lenient with English answers (thankfully) but totally rigid about Japanese answers — actually with the exception of misspelling when you should use small よ and you typed large よ for example.

If the undo button appeared only when your answer “looks like” a typo, then I think it would be more useful, and less of a temptation to cheat.

The devil is in the “close enough” details, though.

My 2¥

— Dave

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I do think it would be nice if it was possible to use plugins on mobile phones are maybe allow an “official” list of plugins you can use to incorporate directly into the website.

It would also be nice to “freeze” higher level reviews instead of resetting when you come back from a unplanned break to a mob of reviews. Then unfreeze them slowly as you work through your backlog, and make it so you are unable to do lessons until everything is unfrozen.

I’d love if it gave you a pass when you mistype the kana part of a word (it’s right there in front of you!)

But I think it’d be hell to program a “close enough” algorithm Japanese because most of the answers are only 1-3 characters. English words have way more letters and if you miss or swap a few you (usually) end up with recognizable nonsense. BTW there’s no typo leniency for three letter English words either.

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This is now native in Settings / App.

Review ordering

Set the ordering of reviews. Shuffled presents in random order. Lower levels first is still random but prioritizes lower level subjects first.

OMG THANK YOU. I was like… why isn’t there an app? This is awesome.

I don’t have an answer for you but I am a kindred spirit having recently reset from level 11 to 1 as well. I was apprehensive about it but so glad I did noe!

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A thought of mine, regarding the topic title is – Not marking the answer as either, 5-second block and auto-show Information (auto-show correct answers), then (optionally) default to correct.

Though I also think of overriding allow lists – Manually override marking answer as correct. (That being said, there is another problem of Wanikani having invisible lists.)

That certainly is helpful and I got out of a review dump that way. It was still a huge pain and dreadful to see all those reviews.

I ended up just setting a number of reviews and pretending that was zero and decreasing the number as I got more and more of a handle on the reviews.

This last time I figured it was just easier to reset then deal with that again.

Agreed, but I love the kana suggestion.

I don’t want a pass, I think you should have to type it again, but there are ways to improve the notion of “close enough” と思います

  • Dave
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I don’t want a ‘mark as correct’ button but would love a separate section to add things as ‘near answers’. Somewhere for common typos or transitivity pairs and other similar things where you really know the answer but made a stupid error. If they do put a mark correct button I want a limit of once per session.

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