Manga Transcription Request

Okay this post is gonna be a little all over the place… Let’s start!

I absolutely love the method of memorizing vocabulary before reading a piece of media that uses said vocabulary. Thank you very much to the reading groups for 少女終末旅行 and よつばと. I use to lurk here some years and was reading with the Girls’ Last Tour group until I poofed. Recently got back into learning.

Anyway’s here’s my thanks to the people responsible for the vocab gathering!
Yotsubato Organized Vocab Sheet
Girls’ Last Tour Organized Vocab Sheet
Yotsubato All-volumes Vocab Quizlet Folder
Girls’ Last Tour All-volume Vocab Quizlet Folder
(The sheets must be downloaded because Google sheets doesn’t accept the Excel code that is present. I’m very happy about the Quizlets.)

Okay got that out of the way. Kind of didn’t want to revive any old and dead threads for it.

Now the actual request: How can I get some assistance with the transcription of some not-so-very-popular manga that I want to read post-vocab-memorized? Here’s my email. K gotta go bed. Sneep gud

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I mean, sounds interesting. If you have the manga and send me pictures, it’s free online or something, or want to do some sort of collaborative thing, hit me up on discord. I’m not 100% a fan of the “strange” thing you have going on, but it’s for you, I guess.

I like transcribing for some reason, I was even a transcriber for a while.


Or we can use this thread or whatever.

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You have been Discord booped.

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On a similar note, I recently found the site which has an ENORMOUS catalog of vocabulary lists from anime and a bunch of different things. (no manga though, sad) It’s its own SRS with a whole unifying system. Cool stuff.

If you happen to read any manga I’ve read, I have a work-in-progress project for generating frequency lists that I put here:

Each link is to an ODS spreadsheet (can be opened in Excel, imported into Google Sheets, etc.) which includes vocabulary lists for each word in a volume alongside its frequency and the order in which the words first appear in the volume, and a combined list of all the volumes.

I haven’t actually “launched” the page yet, so it’s very bare at the moment:

  • Nothing on the page tells how many volumes I have included in the file.
  • I don’t have a “notes” column implemented yet where I’ll note if a word is a character name, etc.
  • I don’t have a “dictionary” column implemented yet that tells whether a word is likely a real word based on appearing in a Japanese dictionary.
  • I don’t have any kind of English definition support. (This one’s not on my to-do list.)

I could also generate lists from Mokuro output if someone were to run Mokuro on their own purchased manga and send me the JSON files.

I remember looking though the visual novel games and barely any were otome games sadly.

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