Making Progress on the Dashboard, Take 2

I don’t know if anyone asked already, but are you planning on adding dark mode as a built-in option? Otherwise it looks really good, amazing job!


If you could put an option to show when the items will be available (1h, 2h, 1d etc) instead of the kanji/radical symbols, it would be great! Otherwise, this progress dashboard will be pretty much useless to me because I simply won’t look at it to avoid spoiling the SRS.

It’d be really super if y’all did something special for folks at level 60. At this rate I’ll spend as much time burning the last thousand items as I did in getting to 60 in the first place, so staring at the last radical and 29 kanji for a year and change on the dashboard doesn’t make a whole lot of sense ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Ah, you’re right. Thanks. Apparently, Firefox started saving zoom levels on a per-site basis somewhere along the line and I had it zoomed out to see more with the previous preview version, so it automatically went to 80% with the new preview.

So if you want to see if your favorite script works out of the box on the new page, you can edit the script to activate on
I know there was quite a bit of concern about that.

Leech tables and Self Study Quiz, at least, work right away with no other modification. So if you don’t want to mess with it, at least know those will work when the preview site becomes the main one. Ultimate Timeline is already working for me on the preview (thanks, @rfindley)

To try it, figure out how to edit your script. In firefox, click the tampermonkey icon, choose dashboard, and the script will have an edit button. At the top of the script, there’s a bunch of comments, and one should be
// @include
add another line just like it underneath that with the new URL, then file:save. Reload the page.

Edit: Wanikani Heatmap works too.


When I saw the notice, I was worried, because I saw the first preview.

This iteration looks so much better. Nice job, Wanikani team!

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Hi everyone,

I haven’t been through all the comments, so maybe someone has already reported this problem, but the progress bar is not appearing for a few kanji.

Otherwise, I really like this new dashboard. Very intuitive for new users, and we can see our progress in a sec. Thank you WaniKani Team for the improvement.

Can you drop us a note on the contact form so we can see which browser that’s happening in? Thanks!

Noted! But, it’ll probably be a little while before we get there.

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(Hopefully not already asked above…)
What does an individual item’s progress bar display if the item reached Guru but then dropped back to Apprentice?

In the current version of my script, I had to add a check mark to indicate the “passed” status separately. I’m wondering if I need to keep that for the new dashboard.


It continues to show the full bar. We talked about it, and focused in on showing progress towards leveling up versus the "more accurate but less useful in that context” of showing that it had passed but dropped back down.


I love everything about this update, with the exception of the kanji font. It’s really hard to read, imo, with the lines so thick!


The thinner font for kanji under ‘new unlocks’ / ‘critical condition’ looks great.


Makes sense, but what about doing something like adding a gold dot in the upper right corner of the icon to indicate the achievement? Filling the dashboard with “golden coins” as a metaphor for progress strikes me as something people would find motivating.

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I really love this dashboard update - just one thing that would be helpful. When hovering over a kanji, instead of saying ‘next review in 22 hours,’ saying ‘tomorrow at 6:00 am’ instead. This gives me a bit clearer of an idea of where I’m at and when I should plan on reviews.


A good idea in theory, provided you stay in the same time zone. If you see “next review tomorrow at 6 am” and then fly from New York to Tokyo, then it’s not going to be at 6 am tomorrow.

Pretty sure most people will stay at a single timezone, traveling from one timezone to another is an exception.


There is a script for this

Just because it’s an exception doesn’t mean this problem should be ignored.

True, but it is a rare case, not something that should define how the service works. The time would update anyway when you change your timezone so it is not really a problem.

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