Lost Connection with Wanikani - Refresh?

I get the grayed out screen and the reload button, but I seem to be able to continue reviews in the background. It’s happens quite frequently. Coincidentally, most of my icons for navigating the page seem to be missing. It’s possible the problem is on my end, but this just started happening within the last week.

Any ideas?


It happened to me from time to time, most recently today (about 5 hours ago). I just pushed through and in the end WK recognised the review as being thoroughly done, without any side effects. It’s a bit annoying that the shadowing is sometimes too dark to read the screen but otherwise it seems to be a relatively harmless (albeit irritating) bug.

To @Viet: this is a problem that we can’t seem to consistently reproduce. It has so far happened to me very rarely that I never bothered to investigate (turn on/off scripts). When it happens on mobile (I use Android and Firefox Mobile) I usually assume it’s just patchy reception. When it happens on desktop (I currently use the newest Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04) it’s less clear what happened. I can rule out internet connection problem because other sites are not affected.

Last I checked, on mobile you can close the session timeout pop up and keep going. On desktop you have to open the console and delete the DOM elements, which is a little weird.

How do you close it? I have only been able to make it go away by pressng it, thus refreshing the page. Thankfully at least any half finished reviews are still registered after refresh.

At some point there was an X you could click. Maybe they removed it.

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