Bug since update: You have lost connection with Wanikani

So since the update, every time I start a review session I immediately get “You have lost connection with WaniKani”. I refresh and then reviews go fine. But it is still annoying. Anyone else experiencing this bug?

I think I read somewhere that this could happen if you try doing reviews without turning off vacation mode. I have no idea if that’s related to what you’re seeing, but I thought I’d mention it.

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Nope, no vacation mode. Get it since the new update with wkof and Reorder Omega active on Chrome.
Didn’t do more tests yet (Other browser, without scripts, no VPN, …)

I get it since the update. I am on firefox and don’t use scripts. But I did not dig deeper either.

Hey Wizz! Are you still experiencing the issue? Let us know at hello@wanikani.com if you are!!

-Nick at WK

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Thanks for asking! The bug disappeared a while ago and I haven’t encountered it since!

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