Looking for recommendations for yuri manga around the same difficulty level as Yotsubato or Ruri Dragon




I’d recommend trying out はなにあらし. It was one of the first manga I read and it has furigana. The user ratings on natively say it is around the same difficulty as those manga if not easier as well.


Bloom into you.
Per natively, it should be around the same difficulty, though it suffers from the same thing Ruri did, with random harder pages inbetween. It’s a bit of a weird romance at the beginning, but it’s pretty cute.


It’s a bit more work, but not that far from yotsuba:


Haven’t read either of those but based on what I’ve heard and Natively levels:

The only yuri manga I’ve read is マグナムリリィ 1 | L20, it’s a boxing yuri manga that is the same level as ルリドラゴン on Natively. But unfortunately there are only 2 volumes and it’s either on hiatus or abandoned, so not enough time for things to actually develop… even knowing that, I still enjoyed it (only read vol 1 though) and it’s decent reading practice.

I’ve started this and yes, it’s quite approachable so far, about the same difficulty as マグナムリリィ. Although I had no idea it’s yuri?! :eyes: (I’m going into it completely blind)

Oooh, I just clicked the link you posted, and はなにあらし is free right now?! I haven’t heard of this but maybe I should try and read through it before the reading trial ends


からかい上手の高木さん is around its level and seriously funny (as well as pretty cute)
それでも歩は寄せてくる is by the same author and also pretty funny (and cute)
トモちゃんは女の子! is a pretty good romcom, recently got an anime too
ぽんこつポン子 is seriously cute, but a little bit harder than ルリドラゴン
可愛いだけじゃない式守さん is honestly one of my all-time favourite romcoms

EDIT: I can’t read, none of these are yuri., hang on a bit while I find actual yuri stuff :rofl:

Let’s be honest, it’s a weird romance throughout, but it’s pretty good all the same :smile: I thoroughly enjoyed it, at least


I second @AzusaChan’s recommendation of はなにあらし. I read the first volume at around the time I was reading Yotsuba and found it to be a similar level of difficulty, but with shorter chapters that made it feel extra readable. :slight_smile:


There’s… elements? I reckon I’d say it’s more philia or even agape than eros, though.


So, for something actually on topic

あさがおと加瀬さん starts out pretty cute and stays enjoyable for a while, though you may want to consider dropping it at a certain point because it does kind of devolve into people failing to communicate like functional human beings after a good while… just a heads up

夢でフラれてはじまる百合 hasn’t been going for very long I think, but it seems pretty cute

桜Trick is a classic, seems very cute but I never really got into it

Just a smidge above ルリドラゴン’s level:

ささやくように恋を唄う also starts out very cute and wholesome but does - like too many others, sadly - devolve into drama that would be easily resolved with a five minute conversation… the art’s really good though

ルンリーガールに逆らえない recently finished, I think. Was pretty wholesome, all things considered, even if the premise is a bit iffy (but hey, it’s yuri… what else is new)

明るい記憶喪失 is actually pretty damn cute… and very yuri :joy:

ゆるゆり is also a classic… though it doesn’t really go into any actual romance at all and just sticks with cute girls doing cute things. Very cute though.

気になった人は男じゃなかった is honestly one of my favourites lately, though I think it’s level on Natively might be a bit misleading - it has no furigana and a fair bit of slang. Not a particularly difficult to follow story though, so it might be worth a try


I haven’t read Ruri Dragon, but here are some recommendations for yuri manga around the same Natively level.

  • ロンリーガールに逆らえない (as @yamitenshi said, the preimse is a bit questionable, but it was fine overall)
  • もし、恋が見えたなら - main character can “see” who loves who via pink arrows (and yes, the arrows in the manga are actually pink, so that’s cool!). This has kind of messed up her life from time to time, so she decides to go to an all girls school so the arrows stop appearing. I’m sure you can guess how well that goes. :joy:
  • 徒然日和 - super cute, not much to say here
  • ルミナス=ブルー - read this a while ago, so I don’t remember the details, but I enjoyed it
  • すわっぷ⇔すわっぷ - two girls discover they can swap bodies by kissing. Naturally. Just a comedy, so don’t expect anything serious in this one, but I really enjoyed it.

Keep in mind that some of those (despite having low Natively levels) don’t have a lot of furigana. So I definitely recommend you check out a sample before buying.

Also, strong recommendation for やがて君になる, as was previously mentioned.


If I had a nickel for every yuri story I’ve read that essentially has sexual assault as its premise, I wouldn’t be rich but I’d have way too many nickels

I’ve kind of just accepted it as part of the genre like incredibly dense protagonists


flashbacks to Chinatsu assaulting poor Akari


I just looked at the preview and this seems like it could be good! The green background certainly gives it a unique touch too.

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It’s fun, I’ve been reading it randomly on instagram.

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Maybe I just don’t know what yuri is, but I wouldn’t say it is? You could say there’s a relationship developing between two women, but that’s just one part of the story. There’s an heterosexual dynamic as well, which is not something I would expect in yuri?


The first ten (mini) chapters are available for free on Pixiv, but I think that’s it? It’s a bit odd since AniList lists it as doujin, but I didn’t think they did that for series converted from doujin to proper printed manga. From what I can tell there are no chapters available online beyond those first ten though.


There seem to be a lot of mini chapters on their Twitter, too.


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Those are paid versions for typical manga volumes, not free online chapters. (Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine, but that’s what I was referring to.)

I also can’t view that Twitter link since Twitter doesn’t work half the time for people without accounts these days.

I think it just doesn’t work, period, if you aren’t logged in, now.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll have a look through everything.