Looking for a specific page on Japanese Grammar

Hello. This will be a somewhat unusual request but I need help.
More than a year ago, I think, I found a page on Japanese Grammar that was very extensive and didn’t cut corners. It wasn’t for beginners whatsoever, and I remember it had “levels”. There were hundreds of lessons or so; some of them talked about particles or the copula だ, while some of them were solely dedicated to “how saying thanks differs in this way” or how
“結構です” or “大丈夫” were used in different contexts, very detailed so. It also had lessons on culture and its relationship with the language. There were a lot. All this was in English, by the way.
I know I’m pulling at straws here, but I cannot find it for my life.
I remember it being gray, it was like a wikipedia, and there was a list with all the lessons and levels. I think that at the end, there was a section under construction of some sort of Japanese dialect.
If any of this rings a bell, please do let me know. Thank you!

Maybe imabi ?


Indeed. It was Imabi. Thank you.

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