Looking for a complete combination katakana practice tool

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I’m looking for a tool that lets me practice typing kana. I’ve been using a few, like Study | Real Kana, but I’ve yet to find one that has a complete set for combination katakana. Specifically, on Learn Katakana: The Ultimate Guide, they list these extra sounds:

I’ve yet to find any tool that lets me practice these extra ones, along with the rest of the kana. Tofugu gives us a doc to translate, but there’s only so many times I can go through that doc before it starts getting old. Do you know any tools like realkana, that have a complete set?

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On realkana, if you click the next button on the kana selection screen twice under “katakana” you can actually select those for study :slight_smile:

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Haha, how did I never notice that? :sweat_smile: Thank you so much, this will help a lot!


Just to be clear, by the way, you won’t get トゥ and ドゥ by typing “tu” and “du” - those yield つ and づ instead. Nor will ティ and ディ come from “ty” and “dy”, though at least in those cases, you can type “thi” and “dhi”. I haven’t found an easier shortcut for トゥ and ドゥ besides “tolu” and “dolu” yet.


I think that the kanjiroids game includes all of these.
Let’s ask @Darcinon 先生.


I don’t think I have all of those. These are what I have classified as foreign sounds:

So I have the assorted V sounds and and “ti”, but not a lot of the other ones. I’ll add them in!

Edit: added them in, if you reach level 9+ in Katakana mode you’ll start to see them. :thinking: It might be a fun idea to add a katakana challenge mode that focuses specifically on these


@Belthazar Oh yeah, tolu (トゥ) and dolu (ドゥ) work, as well as toxu (トゥ) and doxu (ドゥ), but that’s because each of those syllables on their own already correspond to each separate kana, right? For the actual combination, you can get it with twu (トゥ) and dwu (ドゥ).

@Darcinon Thank you for adding the extra ones to your game! I’ve already added it to my routine :slightly_smiling_face:


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