Kanary - Hiragana/Katakana to Romaji Drill Application

Hi there, I made a small web application for people to practice their Hiragana/Katakana romanization.


Works well on mobile, and it allows you to select which kana you’d like to practice.

If you have any features you’d like, functional or aesthetic scruples, or bugs to report, lemmie know.



It should accept “tu” as an answer for つ, and “si” for し.

Also, I disagree, but some people like to write “sy-” for the し-glides.

Alright, answers added. (Hard refresh to update the app.)

Nothing too major, but if you misclick, you just get it wrong, there’s no backspacing. :eyes:
I’d suggest making it based on clicking Enter or space.

This is really cool, but it also already exists.

Also ‘tya’ for ちゃ, ‘dyu’ for ぢゅ, ‘ti’ for ち, and ‘hu’ for ふ

I wanted it to be strict, but if people have an issue with that I can put in a more forgiving answer check as an option.

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I mean. Almost everything exists at this point.

Yeah, I saw that when I was making it, but I wanted something people could use as an absolute beginner, gradually introducing new characters into the drill as they’re learning them.


Fair, I didn’t consider the other features of your project. Also,

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Horribly, horribly empty.

this is cute haha.

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