Lookalike kanji userscript. Any interest?

I created a topic on the old forums, archived here, regarding lookalike kanji giving me grief one day. Someone in the thread kindly provided a reddit link. While I take a short break from compiling the stuff for the corpus script, I whipped this up. It more or less works already so I’m wondering if there is any interest in going forward with it. I’m using the reddit list right now with two entries of my own (‘仕休’ & ‘主玉王’), and am certainly willing to add more.

If you’re as bad at paying attention as I am sometimes – it’s the “Not: …” bit that this script is adding.

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There’s already a “visually similar kanji” entry on the WK entries themselves. If you made a script to do this, wouldn’t it just make sense to pull from there?

There are hardly any entries, and I don’t know if the API extends into them anyway. The reddit post is far more extensive from what I can tell. If the WK entries were expanded and the data available in the API, I’d have no problem switching it to that.

Ah, I didn’t hunt down the link you were referring to… since you suggested it didn’t have the ones you mentioned (which seem fairly basic) I figured it probably was limited. WK’s entry for 主 has more than your list apparently.

The link is here: https://community.wanikani.com/t/Which-Kanji-Do-You-Always-Confuse/8901 I don’t know why I thought it was a reddit link. I can’t say I personally agree with the WK list. In the script I have 住注往 in one group and 主玉王 in another. Each group has members similar to each other, but confusing a member of one of them with a member from the other doesn’t seem likely to me – though that’s why I’m posting. Feedback / thoughts.

I still think, visually similar Kanji should be hidden in the Info, after you answered the question.

After all, you should learn to separate visually similar Kanji, with your eyes, no tools.


That’s not really an opinion relevant to the script, is it? I wouldn’t want to use it, but if that’s how he wants his WK to work, it’s his prerogative.

yep, this. Also leebo, OP is asking if there is interest from people of the community in using this script. I believe answering ‘no’ in so many words is in fact an ‘opinion relevant to the script’. I don’t recall OP requesting only positive responses.

Interest in the script would be determined by the number of yes’s, regardless of how many no’s. It doesn’t take a plurality to make a script.

No, but calling someone out for voicing their opinion when their opinion was asked for deserves calling out.

Polv can’t answer for the people who do have interest… so no, no’s weren’t explicitly solicited.

I would’ve used it* if it was hidden in the info panel, although I admit getting anything there can be very tricky.
If you want to look into that, I have a script on greasyfork that puts jisho and WK page links there.

*Not doing WK at the moment though

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I think it’s a pretty good idea, I know it’s cheating so I’m not sure I’d wanna use it all the time, but I’d certainly give it a try. Although it’s cheating a bit you are sort of learning something different at the same time, ie kanji you might get confused with, and that’s a useful thing to know. In the long run all that counts is how well you can recognise kanji and this might actually help. It’s better than a lucky guess which is often how we proceed.

That wouldn’t be too difficult to do. Would you use it in that case? What if it was hidden in some other way, like only showing up on a mouse over of the kanji, or automatically but only after you have submitted your answer?

Understood, though I disagree that it’s “cheating.” You still have to find and recognize the difference, and connect the correct readings and meanings with the right symbols. The flashcards I used to learn the kana had something similar on them, I don’t feel it hindered my progress in any way.

I am considering other options that I mentioned above. Hiding it in the infobox isn’t interesting/useful to me – I don’t want to have to scroll to see it, if/when I want to see it.

There’s no point hiding it because there’s already a script for similar kanji, and some in the actual website now.

There is a “point” – if that’s what the majority of the users want it to do. That’s why I’m asking. If they want to scroll and look at them on the other page they can do that. If they want to use a different script that doesn’t hide them, they can do that. It’s about options.

I’d be interested in this userscript if the visually similar kanji were hidden in the info, as others have suggested.

A script that shows them on the info pages. (and its functionality being negated because it’s now a native feature)
The point is to not have to go to the info pages.

What about having them show where they are, but only if you get the answer wrong – or perhaps only on mouse over?

Yeah that would be great!