Lookalike kanji userscript. Any interest?

I don’t know that I’d use something like this for the long term, however its utility is undeniable for users with dyslexia. Although I do remember reading somewhere recently that dyslexia is different between roman alphabet-using languages and Chinese and Japanese; as a teacher, I’d LOVE to get a hold of concrete studies on this! (sorry, I’ll take my pedagogical nerd-out elsewhere hehe)

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What about having them show where they are, but only if you get the answer wrong -- or perhaps only on mouse over?

Yeah that would be great!

Agreed. Hiding them would keep me from inadvertently cheating. But at the same time help with the “Wait I thought that was X… What the hell does X look like… What’s different here… eh oh well screw it, moving on”
Of course, that won’t help with those ones that only look similar in my mind, yet when put next to each I’m all “man I’m stupid, those look nothing alike”

Orthographies and dyslexia - Wikipedia has a typically wikipedian reference list. Maybe something of value there.

Which one? Or both/either?

I could just pick ones to show at random if there aren’t any in the list… :wink:

Both/Either. As long as extra information isn’t getting fed to me before I attempt to answer the review item unless i’m asking for it, then I would be happy.

AHHHHHHH!!! There goes the rest of my night, hahaha. I’ve been reading related links this whole time with no sign of stopping any time soon. What is marking? What is lesson planning? :stuck_out_tongue:

Genuinely though, thanks! (^-^) It’s super cool reading.

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yes, either of those two ideas would be good, probably the mouseover. If you get it wrong yo can look at visuaaly similar on the info section below,