Longest 読み, Fewest 筆画

So, I have a weird fascination with random bits of knowledge and trivia and I have a fun little game for the community; which single kanji has the longest reading (on’yomi or kunyomi) for the fewest strokes.

For example, my Twitter handle has 志(こころざし)in it with 5 morae and 7 strokes.

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I remember there is some kanji that gets erroneously listed as having like… A sentence long reading on some sites, but it seems like a error that has been copied along over time. I’ll have to see if I can remember which it is.


Is it maybe one of the ones from here?


Yeah, the honorable mentions there seem to describe the same kind of thing. It won’t load for me to see the kanji themselves, but I’m not surprised more than one ended up like that.

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That was the second one, 門+人

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Have you ever noticed that 入力 is written out with six kana when written out but only four strokes in kanji?


予め = 4 strokes 4 kana/mora

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If we’re counting mora it is only 4, though. 2 per kanji.

Same for 公 = 4 strokes, 4 kana (おおやけ)


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