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I asked this in a different forum, but I haven’t gotten an answer yet.

How do you punctuate long quotations of several paragraphs in Japanese? In english, you have to “restart” every paragraph with an open quote mark and then end the whole quoatation with a closing quotation mark. Is something like this true in Japanese too, or do you just put the opening「 at the beginning of it all that the closing 」at the end?

I’m not sure I explained this well. Thanks for helping.

The Japanese don’t have the same concept of paragraphs as English. Their grouping of sentences is more arbitrary – or, at least, less strictly defined – so there’s not really a need to worry about division of quotes across paragraphs. You would most likely find the entire quoted piece in one danraku (danraku are often compared to paragraphs, but are a bit different).

Some interesting reading:


ありがとう! This is exactly what I was wondering. so, if I need to translate something from English, I’ll just take a little liberty and condense it all into one danraku. That was actually my gut response.

Thank you also for the article. It’s quite interesting.

Sorry I didn’t “reply” properly. Also, happy Wanikani anniversary!

Interesting read. Thanks.

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